How full is your cage?

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Re: How full is your cage?

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I’m wearing right now a 3D printed Cobra S.

Girth: I seem to fill the shaft 100% when flaccid, but if I push a finger into the cage to soap up the shaft then it can compress further. Trying to retract my foreskin by pulling on the shaft is very difficult do to the amount of friction between skin and the cage. It can bulge out the cage a bit when aroused. If I try to wear it with foreskin retracted then it REALLY bulges out the side of the cage and swelling results.

Length: My tube is 100% full at all times, but about half of the ‘head space’ in the cage is just foreskin. The actual rim of the glans is found half-way down the shaft of the tube. It’s simply not possible to fit all the glans and foreskin in the end space unless I get a custom cage with double head length, or just get a cage which doesn’t distinguish between head and shaft and is more like a continuous tube.
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Re: How full is your cage?

Post by Clearstatic »

Snug and full.
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Re: How full is your cage?

Post by SteveOD »

I started out with custom 1/1/4" Jailbird 9 years ago. it lightly touched me on all sides and the from when flaccid. Nine years of being locked up and old age, have made that cage much too big for me. Sometimes my wife cannot even see my cock in it. So, now I am in a much small cage less than an inch. Although it fits my girt well, still too long by half an inch. Girth has never been a problem for me, length has because I have shrunk so much over 69 years.
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Re: How full is your cage?

Post by Steve2059 »

After not being caged all year until a week ago, I'm finding, worryingly, not very.

Mine is a stainless steel short cage, 7cm in total with a cage length of 4.5cm. I prefer to think of myself as a shrinker rather than a grower, being over 7" when erect with which I'm quite happy. But I'm very small when flaccid, though I'd manage to fill the cage.

But now I'm finding my flaccid member barely reached halfway and I've been in danger of slipping out. Anyway, I have a microcage on order so we'll see how that goes.
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