The night you told her

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The night you told her

Post by thewave22 »

Tell us about that moment you told her that this was your thing.
Well, i know it probably differ from one individual to another as for how it happen, at once coming from you, together as a process... etc etc...
AND while you are at it, did you point her towards any type of info or encouraged a research?

Would love to hear some good stories.
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Re: The night you told her

Post by KittensBoyToy »

The best way is to read some of the journey posts. Many of us start with a little on how we came to get into chastity.
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Re: The night you told her

Post by CagedBySocks »

She said "no, why the fuck would I want to do that?"

We've obviously moved on since that conversation. 😂
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Re: The night you told her

Post by bondinchas »

I didn't tell her.
I went to bed with it on, and she discovered it under the blankets in the dark.
3 seconds later the light was on, and her eyes were out on stalks!
With a huge look of astonishment and amusement.
That was a huge clunky old plastic Curve device, 5 or 6 years ago.
and now?
Well, a couple of years ago it was her who encouraged me to get a custom steel cage!
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Re: The night you told her

Post by TwistedMister »

We just sort of 'worked into it'. We started with a 'Gates Of Hell' and then moved on to a 'Stallion Guard'. Those were temporary, short-term toys only suitable for a few hours at a time. Then, there was a night when she got hers, I didn't, and the 'Stallion Guard' was left on overnight.

Leaving the SG on overnight didn't work out so well. The way it's made, once you go soft everything gets discombobulated. But, that told us that it was time to get something more 'practical', and it was not a surprise when the CB-3000 arrived...and she quite happily took the keys to work with her after I put it on.
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Re: The night you told her

Post by locked4her55 »

How about "The afternoon you told her". She was working days and I was on overnights. My CB3000 came in the mail a week before she found out so I had plenty of time to try it out. When I was comfortable with the various adjustments I started wearing it all day and sure enough on the second full day I was lying on the couch on our porch when she arrived home from work. She sat down next to me and began rubbing my leg asking about my day. Well one hand went up to the crotch and the look on her face was total :shock: , mouth fell :o and she said "what the hell is this"?

Needless to say we had quite the discussion that afternoon. The rest is history.
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Re: The night you told her

Post by Naljeans »

I brought it up, thinking it would be a fun sort of toy, perhaps for periodic use. She was familiar with the concept, and immediately interested and didn’t see it as periodic.
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Re: The night you told her

Post by mikel2411 »

I have not discussed it with my wife either, we are on different schedules making it easy to wear it almost 24/7 without her finding far.
Naljeans, How did it make you feel when she "Didn't see it as periodic" ? That's one of my concerns if once she has the keys she wants, well more than I do then I would be crapping on the whole deal. I know we would have to have a discussion (s) of some sort before we get too serious but still once it's on it's on and if I find the right one for me then it would be difficult to remove it (at least that's the idea) and I would hate to ruin it by demanding to be released or something.
I'm not sure what I'm asking but there are concerns floating around in my mind about the what if's.
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