Does anyone else know?

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Re: Does anyone else know?

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I got outted accidentally by a lesbian couple that we hang out with. Got caught in the pool while caged. My cage printed on my trunks and one of the girls called my wife out. Very embarrassing. We're very private and don't share our sex life with friends or family.
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Re: Does anyone else know?

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I took M'Lady to her appointment with her/our cardiologist yesterday. After listening to her heart he commented about the keys on her necklace. She proceeded to explain the purpose of each of the 3 keys she wears. One for the 2 padlocks I wear, one for the lockbox where the spare keys are kept, and the key to the MM security screw. The conversation went on to an explanation of one lock on my slave collar and the other on my cage. She went into a little about our lifestyle, how it works and how we got started in it. He is fairly young and took it all in with a few questions and very little reaction. I got the impression that this might have been a first for him. Wonder how my next appointment will go. More questions?
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Re: Does anyone else know?

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Only my spouse and maybe one of her best friends who lives in another state. She is absolutely paranoid about any family members finding out.
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