So how is 2020 going?

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Re: So how is 2020 going?

Post by Curtis »

So far, so good. Looks like my part-time chastity is going full-time. Until now, the longest I have stayed caged was 8 days. I have an HT2 knock-off, which is really quite comfortable.

I self-locked about two weeks ago and gave my wife the key. My kids had come home on Spring Break and tend to stay up late. My wife doesn't like to have sex when they are home, being quite shy about such things, but promised me something "really special" if (and ONLY if) I didn't cum before they went back. So, I locked myself into my device to make it easier for me to comply. I tend to masturbate when stressed.

I didn't expect COVID-19 to get so bad...

Both kids received extended Spring Breaks. Oh well, I thought. I can wait a little longer...

Now both my kid's colleges have closed for the semester. They're going to be home until the fall semester. I love my kids, but now I'm locked up and my wife has the key. She has no intention of letting me out until she wants to have sex next. She doesn't want sex until the kids go back to school. Two weeks suddenly became several months...

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Re: So how is 2020 going?

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We started a new routine the cage goes on when I get home from work and comes off the next morning. She will set me free when she wants to feel me usually I pleasure her and she us dine.
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Re: So how is 2020 going?

Post by Engineer »

nosaint wrote:
Wed Mar 18, 2020 2:07 pm
Pretty encouraging so far. She joined this forum, agreed to be my key holder, and today locked a HT nub on me. One her concerns was me wearing it to work. Because of Covid 19 virus, I'm working from home, she actually grinned at that. So I expect to be locked up for awhile.
Similar Experience... Wife doesn't like me being caged when out by myself, just in case of emergency... Yesterday after locking me up she told me "and now that we are working from home for the foreseeable future, I don't have to let you out till I want to... You have plenty of other ways to please me, so get comfortable in it!"
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Re: So how is 2020 going?

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My wife has been particularly demanding the last couple weeks being in stay home mode. Still hoping for a release soon but probably unlikely. Only had one this year so far. With so much time together at home, she has been 1000 times more dominate.
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