So how is 2020 going?

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Re: So how is 2020 going?

Post by cuyahoga »

I’d estimate 90% locked, one orgasm so far. It’s a little contrived, as I gave her an outside of the “game” motivation to keep me locked, so I won’t really know if this is progress or an anomaly until later in the spring. I think this early 2020 run is going to “come” to an end soon, and how fast she picks it back up will be the telling result.

We’ve had a few talks in the past and more recently about how much I need this in my life. I’m really hoping she can find more room for it.
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Re: So how is 2020 going?

Post by Naljeans »

2020 is going a bit more intensely than I expected. I no longer have an emergency key, and being caged seems like more of a “permanent” arrangement than I thought it could be. I’ve been caged for all of 2020, other than about 20 minutes to switch cages and clean. While I’m fairly desperate to have an erection, I wouldn’t trade it for how happy we both are with the shift.
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Re: So how is 2020 going?

Post by ks67 »

I have had too many orgasms in 2020. My wife brought me to orgasm again last night which makes 3 for the year. I asked her to please stop because it had only been a week but then she pressed the vibrator harder on my cock and I shot cum all over myself. She likes doing this and laughed at me. Maybe from now on I need to start asking her to please let me cum when I am near orgasm and then maybe she will deny me
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Re: So how is 2020 going?

Post by locked4her55 »

ks67 wrote:
Wed Feb 12, 2020 8:43 am
then she pressed the vibrator harder on my cock and I shot cum all over myself. She likes doing this and laughed at me.
Our wives need to talk. ;)
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Re: So how is 2020 going?

Post by Excited+Scared1 »

It’s going really well thank you 👍
I’ve had a 10 day lockup and Sunday to Friday each week, as I’m working away from home for a while. No guaranteed O at the weekend, so maybe 6/7 Os this year, of which 2 were ‘solo’ and unauthorised!! I’ve no idea what’s happened to me, but I felt so bad I had to tell my KH, T (I also just can’t allow myself to come without asking her permission!?).
Anyhow, she was annoyed and as a result rather than being caged just overnight I’m now caged 24/7 and unlocked for showering only. That’s really hard when I’m away from home with no direct teasing, just denial.
Anyhow, bless her, she emailed me an amazing pussy pic last Thursday which I opened at lunchtime. Very tasteful, quite arty in fact, and REALLY got junior and the twins fighting for space!!!
Also last week - T joined this forum 😁 so if ‘Mistress T’ should like your post you know who you’re talking to.
She’s amazing and I love her more and more each day for embracing my chastity and being so amazingly open minded. But of course I loved her before this - it’s just bought us so much closer in every way.
We had a chat the other day and I asked her if she thought we’d ever drop out of chastity, and she said “No, I’m enjoying where we are, me being in control of your erections and orgasms, and having so many more orgasms myself thanks to your tongue. So I think it will always be a part of our lives now”.
I’ve ordered a new toy for us to use together, and told her she can unwrap it when it arrives - I’ll report back when that happens 😊
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Re: So how is 2020 going?

Post by JamesandLucy »

Sounds like your KH is on the same page as mine in terms of enjoying the chastity life, although yours is a *lot* more generous with the orgasms than Lucy is 🤣

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Re: So how is 2020 going?

Post by TwistedMister »

Let's see...since last August I've been let 'out to play' once, in November...I think she had the intention of a bit of PIV, but I didn't get that far- just being out and rubbing against her skin a little was enough to 'set me off' and it was right back into the cage after.

I had a couple of issues with ball escapes where she had to open the lock to return it to its turned out that the 'emergency key' that I had been carrying in a sealed envelope for nearly 10 years was not, in fact, the correct key. I tried to curtail the 'escapes' by reducing the spacer in the CB3k but that resulted in some 'raw' spots that needed several days to heal...too painful to play and right back in again as soon as I was healed enough.

We were both sick with one bug after another from a couple of days after Xmas to well into January and neither of us was much in the mood to 'play'. I've been better for the last couple of weeks, and frequent erection attempts have me anxious to 'get out'...but I'm not sure she remembers that she has me 'locked up...

...Maybe this weekend?
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Re: So how is 2020 going?

Post by LockedByBD »

Just before Christmas my wife accepted a job offer out of state... and I was told I needed an operation. Got the operation mid-January just before the company-provided health care ran out. She left two weeks early to start her new job, leaving me to pack up. Was locked while she was gone. Arrived 5 days ago... and she's kept me locked. She's busy with her new job, and I propose to make everything other than her job easy for her. She likes that!

So it's been real busy for me... and I don't expect to be let out for a month or two!
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Re: So how is 2020 going?

Post by Chris_3725inchesFU »

Not so good. Actually, I haven't seen my girlfriend for over a month. For some reasons, we are physically away and can not be together soon. I miss her, I desire to be teased by her.
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Re: So how is 2020 going?

Post by Lady M »

I wish 2020 started out better... A month ago I slipped on the ice and broke a rib, hurt my elbow and took a chunk out of my leg. My hubby just had back surgery... Things have just been a mess.
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