thank you!

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thank you!

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Thanks for all of you being here. IRS always been a fantasy, to be pierced and have the rings locking me up. It's another thing to find the reality. The reality is SO much better than my fantasy! I am a slave who lives the tenants of the bdsm leather lifestyle to the best of its ability. I am transgender, and gender neutral, as I am female bodied, but Male minded with secondary Male characteristics. It serves Master well!

I have a vanilla life, independent, little ones, house, etc. Hobbies include tv shows, writing and fetishes. I love spending time with my intimate partners.

I haven't had penile intercourse in two years. I haven't have meaningful penile intercourse in over 3. I currently haven't had an orgasm or cum, since jan 3rd.
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Re: thank you!

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Welcome to the forum. I have always thought chastity in the way you describe is very, very hot. My spouse is like you in some ways. At this point in our life, she has more orgasms with the wand than anything else, so our PIV sex is fairly rare. She does enjoy it when we do it but she doesn't seem to miss it. Even then, she uses the wand to supplement penetration in order to orgasm. She is the dominant and the thing that really turns her on is denying me while she has all the orgasms she wants. Being denied and kept aroused really turns me on, too.
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Re: thank you!

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@Grwl Welcome!

IRS is the registry of slaves?

Since you’re female-bodied, have a look at these devices: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=63379

They are eye-wateringly expensive and so, so beautiful.
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Re: thank you!

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Hi there and welcome!
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