How many came into chastity backwards?

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How many came into chastity backwards?

Post by attentive_husband »

By that I mean, how many found chastity as a way to improve their relationship as opposed to having this kink and from it discovering that it improved the relationship (or just want it for the turn on)?

I had never considered it for all the decades I have had sex. When I did hear of it, I always thought it was nuts and definitely not for me. Never in any way on any list of things to try.

But many here write that this is something that they want. It's been a kink or fetish that has been calling them. And that seems to be the vast majority here.

So, any others who came into this backwards?
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Re: How many came into chastity backwards?

Post by KittensBoyToy »

I think you will find there are quite a few on here, myself included, that introduced chastity to our spouses as a way to help control our masturbation habits. I guess that is what you mean.
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Re: How many came into chastity backwards?

Post by slave d »

i agree with kittensboytoy that most of us have come to chastity by that route.

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Re: How many came into chastity backwards?

Post by LockedByBD »

Not to curb masturbation, but to increase affection. She's always had a lot lower libido than me. It seemed to get to the point where she was subconsciously avoiding me if she thought I wanted sex. Slowly she's gotten used to having me locked, to the point where she got to like it. Three times in a row she had me locked for 2 months. Last time it was just over three months. Affectionate activities rose, such as hugging and kissing and snuggling in bed. And, of course, the orgasms I had after being unlocked were intense.
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Re: How many came into chastity backwards?

Post by ChasitysPet33 »

Yeah, my wife and I are very much against the humiliation and degradation you find on just about every porn site you can find. With the exception of couples like Marie Kaefer <- spelling? And others like her. For me personally I love the desire and attentiveness it brings out in me and seeing my wife not just sexually pleased but completely satisfied and in a state of bliss makes the frustration that much more enjoyable!
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Re: How many came into chastity backwards?

Post by Excited+Scared1 »

I thought it was kinda weird, and not for me, but masterbation was out of control, and as a result I was neglecting T’s needs. She rarely got seen to because I was secretly seeing to myself three times a day!
So I wondered if forced chastity would help. I think she was a bit taken aback initially when I confessed I’d orgasmed 8 times in the previous 24 hours and didn’t want to cheat on her any more.
I’m pretty much like so many men on here now. Locked when she says to be, not allowed to pleasure myself and she ALWAYS comes first.
She’s never orgasmed through PIV, so it was usually fingers, now it’s always the tongue - and I LOVE IT!

11 days is my measly record locked, but I do crave longer and shivered the other days when she suggested two weeks.
Am I kinky? Perverted? No, since April this is absolutely normal for us.
I’d recommend it to everyone, everywhere.
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