How to post a picture.

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How to post a picture.

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Found something fun .. wanted to post a picture. How would I do that?
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Re: How to post a picture.

Post by Tom Allen »

I had instructions for this someplace. Our server space is not unlimited, so we ask users to not post things directly here.

Anyhow, if it's a pic on your mobile, the best way is to upload it to a free image hosting service (I like and copy/paste the link into your message.

If it's a picture on a website, click the "Full Editor" button under your text box, and select the Picture icon.
It will put the tags in your message like so:

Paste the URL of the picture itself (it will usually end in jpg, jpeg, gif, png) in between the ] [ of the tags.

Also, if it's NSFW, please post in the Members Only forum.
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