Trim vs shaving

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Trim vs shaving

Post by Chastityat60 »

Ok, so it's been 2 weeks with the new smaller ring size. It's almost perfect. 2 problems still persist. 1. Even though I smooth out the scrotum sack, I still have a place at the very bottom where the skin lfolds over like a mini wrinkle. Hurts like hell. Till I smooth it out again. I'm afraid if I enlarge it any more I will loose the very near perfect fit. 2 Hair.. when the device was a "toy" hair was not an issue. NOW ,, hair is an issue. It gets under the ring pulls painfully. So I trimmed, ,, itching badly.. from the short stubble. I'm considering shaving the ring area. I just remember the last time I shaved down there. Promised myself not to do that again. Stubble on the regrowth about drove me crazy. So what do you do to keep the hair from being a pain!
Interested to know.
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Re: Trim vs shaving

Post by Bunny »

I do a little of both. I usually shave butt to balls, and trim everything else close.
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Re: Trim vs shaving

Post by slave d »

i shave and run the electric shaver over the area including balls every morning. i have a Braun series 9 and rarely get any nicks unless i’m atomised and there’s blood very close to the surface.

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Re: Trim vs shaving

Post by TwistedMister »

I leave the hair alone and just use some 'Tough Hands' skin cream or 'Bag Balm'- yes, that's a *real* product, not originally designed for *that* 'bag', rather for cows' udders...just a little bit smoothed on where the ring contacts the skin seems to prevent 'fold-overs' and stuck/snagged hairs.

It would be kinda 'hot' if Mrs. Twisted were to insist on my being [embarrassingly] hairless down there, but she doesn't. If she did, I would use Nair instead of shaving. I experimented with it years ago. It works well, and takes longer [than shaving] for any hair to grow back.
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Re: Trim vs shaving

Post by buzby »

TwistedMister wrote:
Sun Nov 24, 2019 7:29 am
If she did, I would use Nair instead of shaving. I experimented with it years ago. It works well, and takes longer [than shaving] for any hair to grow back.
+1 for Nair. Lady definitely likes things clean and neat down there, so on a lark I decided to try it. Much easier than shaving.
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Re: Trim vs shaving

Post by Tom Allen »

I shave once a week. It used to be itchyz but I've been doing is since my 20s, so it doesn't really bother me anymore.
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Re: Trim vs shaving

Post by Naljeans »

Shaving works best for me, but my owner prefers it trimmed. So, I can shave right where the ring sits, if the hair is an issue.
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Re: Trim vs shaving

Post by danj »

I just trim. She's not into me being shaved, so a close trim works for me.
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Re: Trim vs shaving

Post by KittensBoyToy »

I shave the shaft, scrotum and just far enough up to have a clear area for the ring to sit. The rest is kept trimmed as Kitten doesn't want me to shave completely.

I have 2 different Nair formulas I am trying but both are sometime ok and other times irritate me.
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Re: Trim vs shaving

Post by Skip »

I used shave the balls and around the base of the penis. Kept everything else trimmed as I'm very hairy all over and it would look very very strange to be bare down there only. However with the HT2 I've haid problems with ingrown hair at the top of the base (where the ring is very snug). So I only trim up there now.
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