And it ends...

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Re: And it ends...

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smallpaul wrote:
Thu Jan 09, 2020 7:46 am
So now I'm confused. The other day I mentioned I was going to toss my cages to make room in the drawer and my wife said " I'd better not!"

She's not mentioned anything about locking me up in months, since the post of this thread, nor have I. Now she has me thinking about it again.
This is one confused hubby.
I was free for more than a year, with nary a mention of it. Then, suddenly, last August she said to lock it was right out of the blue, no warning, no discussion, no input from me...and I've been locked ever since.
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Re: And it ends...

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As you can imagine I am full of anticipation. I don't want to ruin what she might have in mind by pushing the issue, so I'll let her be the one to bring it around again now that it has been mentioned.
Fingers crossed 😉
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