How secure can it get ??

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Re: How secure can it get ??

Post by Tom Allen »

Tessasissy wrote: Tue Dec 24, 2019 4:10 am This device looks pretty secure ... 2663373404
Ugh. It also looks like a nightmare for cleaning and pinching.

I've said this for years:

Comfort, convenience, security.
You can pick any two.
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Re: How secure can it get ??

Post by Tessasissy »

Never said it was comfortable but I don't think your getting out of it once its on and locked.
I agree comfort, convinience security.
I am hoping that the fancy steel belt I have ordered is a definate for comfort and security, with the best option avaliable in a full belt for covinience. But we will see!
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Re: How secure can it get ??

Post by locked4her55 »

Would like to see it actually locked on someone.

Looks like it was designed by a plumber. :lol:
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Re: How secure can it get ??

Post by Schnoff »

@Tessasissy , I am not sure. Still waiting for the evotion replacement parts. I’ll let you know how that works out with foreskin, if / when I have one that fits me.
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Re: How secure can it get ??

Post by SwedInLoriTube »

I'm wearing a Lori 2D with an integrated hinged pa hook. It is no less than absolute secure in terms of penile orgasm. I'm uncut and it's as comfy as it gets. Can wear it for months with only a weekly clean.

I can still have an orgasm by massaging the prostate glands from my rear entrance... It takes a few weeks (for me) of orgasm denial before the glands is sensitive enough and sufficient 'pressure' of fluid is built up before I reach a point being able to have a prostate orgasm.

So the discussion on security is still a bit relative from my point of view.

On the other hand, a prostate orgasm is something different and feels very 'chaste' compared to the conventional one. Best regards to all of you.
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Mr Pickle
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Re: How secure can it get ??

Post by Mr Pickle »

I think if it was impossible to get it back in. You would be Very unlikely to take it out.
A disapointed keyholder is a damn site scarier than spikes or tubes.
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