In longer term denial? How has it changed you?

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Re: In longer term denial? How has it changed you?

Post by danj »

Tom Allen wrote: Mon Aug 05, 2019 9:27 am I'm returning to this because I had another thought. Yes, I do feel "sated", as you ask, and at some point over the years, I've lost the "need" to have an orgasm. Not the desire, which always remains with me, but that almost overwhelming need for release. I don't know if it's age (although I almost always wake up hard, and am certainly very aroused enough for sex several times a week), or if it's something else.

I mean, about once every 4 to 6 weeks, I'm aroused enough to have an orgasm in my cage, so maybe that helps to keep things under control?
Do you orgasm in the cage on a regular basis then? I could see that relieving enough pressure to stay locked pretty much indefinitely. As for the sated piece, while I'm probably not fully sated, I'm sometimes surprised how sated I can feel after giving her an orgasm while locked.
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Re: In longer term denial? How has it changed you?

Post by Tom Allen »

As I said, probably once a month I'm having some kind of "release" or spillover in the cage. Sometimes it's pretty powerful and is as satisfying as a regular PIV orgasm. Other times it's less, or ruined, and I feel "incomplete".

But the rest of the time, I've managed to be in some kind of mental state in which I'm sated or satisfied by giving my wife several orgasms.
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Re: In longer term denial? How has it changed you?

Post by LockedUpNewb »

It takes between 6--7 weeks before my brain finally accepts that I'm not cumming. At that point, my brain tends to shift more towards total submissiveness. The desire to orgasm subsides quite a bit.

Once I reach the 8 or 9 week mark, I tend to NOT want to have an orgasm. This is the stage of denial that my wife enjoys the most. She knows it doesn't take much effort to get me on the edge, and she really loves to edge me but deny my orgasms. At this point, I've begged, pleaded, even cried... asking her NOT to make me cum. After 8 or 9 weeks I don't want to ruin the heightened state of arousal with an orgasm. I'd much rather be teased mercilessly and then locked up again with no orgasm.

We've gotten into this situation twice. Both times, when she finally did allow me to have an explosive orgasm, I was BEGGING her not to do it. She's a fast learner and makes frequent threats to lock me up for very long periods of time.
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Re: In longer term denial? How has it changed you?

Post by Steve2059 »

I've been into chastity now for around two and a half years, and the intensity has escalated. There has been a drop-off this year for a couple of months (Her not me), but She's come back with a will for Locktober.

Long-term orgasm denial quickly became a primary goal for me; one I achieved in 2018 (with half a dozen ruins) but this year I've cum properly five times (most recently in August). I hope to finish the year chaste though, then get through 2020 without any releases at all. This might be difficult though because it's Her not me who orders me to orgasm or ruin and She can't get over a feeling that giving me a release is a bit of a treat for me (even though I then have to eat all my ejaculate).

In lockdown, which is most of the time, I have rules of behaviour to obey. I can't mention the cage at all, or sex, or sexual urges. Nor can I hint that I'm horny when we cuddle, as we do daily. In addition, I have household chores that need to be done in a very prescribed way, and I must obey orders without delay.

I mention this because when we embarked on a chastity lifestyle She was very reluctant and unconvinced, and the rules and chores were very much to persuade Her that the advantages would outweigh the weirdness plus ensure that I didn't start to complain or push boundaries. And I mention this because as the last two years have progressed I have come to embrace the rules and the chores rather than suffer them for the "greater good", as She has come to appreciate the power She now has.

My normal state of mind is horny but submissive. In this zone it's almost like my whole life is foreplay - I even leak precum when ironing or vacuuming! An orgasm blows this state out of the water for at least several days though and even the most ruined of ruins can dent it somewhat.

Before chastity and orgasm denial I was a very average lover (except in my mind): a bit of foreplay, a good shag preferably with Her doing the work, then sleepiness comes on and a nice nap. I'm Alpha except sexually, have significant professional responsibility, and I behaved as such in our domestic life.

Now it's about Her. Her pleasure in bed, pleasing her domestically and doing as I'm told. I love being like this and so long as I can pleasure Her at Her demand my own pleasure is less than secondary.

Ironically my sex life has taken off into the stratosphere since the change to chastity because She wants sex far more often and She wants to be active so I spend long periods of intense arousal close to the edge. But orgasms? Nah!
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