Massages - deep tissue / sport

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Massages - deep tissue / sport

Post by Naljeans » Sat Jul 06, 2019 12:53 am

I get massages periodically, and more frequently the past few months. Early on, my owner wouldn’t allow me to uncage but I could switch to boxer briefs. Then it became briefs. Then it became just wear basic panties, but men’s underwear is not an option. Around that time, I found an incredible masseuse and opted for no underwear. I figured she was advanced enough that she would manage the sheet/blanket and it wouldn’t be an issue. On the other hand, staying in panties would make things weird. I also accepted that the cage is part of who I am, so on the off chance it was exposed, so be it.

Thankfully, I was right and she was masterful at never exposing the genital area at all. I think that changed today. I don’t know for sure, but it felt like she got a full, yet fleeting view of it twice. And her forearm brushed it after. She obviously didn’t say anything, and she’s always kind of awkward interpersonally. I also have a few scars from a cane, so she may not have been surprised (I live in Austin.)

None of this is wank fodder. I have no interest in involving others in this. But I was encouraged that it didn’t freak her out. Or me. And she may not have even noticed.

How do you guys handle this?
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Re: Massages - deep tissue / sport

Post by WifeIsVanilla » Sat Jul 06, 2019 8:10 am

My wife won't play, so I have control, except for those times when I cede control to the Kitchen Safe, so my situation is not common on this forum and this may not be very helpful.

I have regular issues with trigger points developing under my shoulder blades, and ocassionally my lumber gets a bit cranky, so I have monthly massages which help both problems a lot. I have chosen to not wear a chastity device during massages as I try not to involve an unsuspecting stranger in my kink.

That said, I did inadvertently though, but I think it worked out OK. I have taken chastity devices through airport security in my carry on many times, at least 50. Usually, it's my Jail Bird. Sometimes I can see the screen the security people are viewing, and because it it stainless steel, its outline shines brightly, so I know that they see it, but no big deal. It is obviously not a weapon and they really don't care (or shouldn't care) what it is.

One time, I had my HT v3 with me and was pulled over for a random search. The case for the HT, in about 36 point type, clearly says, "Holy Trainer." Underneath those words, in about 16 point type, it says, "Male Chastity Device." So this lady TSA worker is rumaging through my carry on and comes to the case. She picks it up, turns it over in her hands. Her routine bored look turned into a somewhat quizical look as she read the words on the case. Then her face slowly morphed into a sly smile as she put it back in my carry on.
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Re: Massages - deep tissue / sport

Post by KittensBoyToy » Sat Jul 06, 2019 12:07 pm

Never tried massages but I am currently having acupuncture treatments on my neck and lower back. I am clothed from the waist down but the jeans get puled down on my waist a bit. I'm sure he has noticed the tops of my underwear when I have a thong on but nothing has been said. Even funnier is that we are both retired Marines. Wonder how he would react if he knew about the cage?
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Re: Massages - deep tissue / sport

Post by Tom Allen » Mon Jul 08, 2019 8:55 am

I've only had a few sessions of therapeutic massage for a shoulder injury. The first time, I was gettign undressed before I realized I still had the cage on. I remained o n my stomach, and just asked her to work on my back. The next couple of times I did the same.
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