Handsfree finally

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Handsfree finally

Post by Critter228 » Fri Jul 05, 2019 2:17 pm

I was finally able to achieve a handsfree ruined orgasm in a cage. I’d been edging myself on and off all day and then put the cage on and even tried some prostate stimulation with little success. Came down stairs and sat in a recliner and scrolled through some tumblrs. Noticed as my cage twitched I felt a vague but familiar sensation down below. I tightened what I guess was my kegel/pelvic floor muscles. I could tell it was gonna happen and wondered if it would be considered cheating on my orgasm free streak but I needed to feel a handsfree orgasm for the first time. And I did. It shot from the cage not far but there was a lot of it. Normally I’d rip off the cage and bring myself to a normal orgasm but this time was different. I just basked in what had happened. It wasn’t nearly as good or sensitive as a full orgasm but having achieved it felt like an accomplishment.

Now if I could only experience that prostate orgasm.
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Re: Handsfree finally

Post by danj » Fri Jul 05, 2019 2:47 pm

I was recently thinking about ejaculating without physical stimulation as I've had this happen recently. I was on day 6 a couple weeks back and had given my wife an orgasm with my tongue. After she climaxed, I moved up over her to bask in the afterglow with her. I wasn't caged, but I knew at this point she wasn't going to allow me an orgasm. I was so highly aroused (mentally more than physically as I was semi-erect) with my cock resting on her stomach as I leaned down and held her close. Maybe 15-20 seconds later I released a puddle of cum onto her. Not a full load, but more than just a pre-cum leaking. As I hadn't had a true orgasm, I cleaned it up. I admit to having a cum fetish, at least until I've cum!

I've had these "hands-free" releases happen a couple times and I'd say it's similar to a ruined orgasm, but triggered "mentally". It's been a while, but I also had one happen when I was caged.
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Re: Handsfree finally

Post by CanuckInNJ » Mon Jul 08, 2019 4:11 pm

I have developed a thing for Shibby's hypnodomme files. It takes a bit of practice and preparation (you need to listen to a few "training" files first), but her HFO files are absolutely amazing. I've had to stop listening to them, however, because I feel like I'm cheating.
So in the meantime I'm stuck with her wicked chastity files, which cause me *wonderful* frustration!
She's on a site called "Soundgasm".
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