Chastity and Resentment

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Chastity and Resentment

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Yesterday afternoon my wife and I had an argument. She said something hurtful, I called her on it, she apologized but I still had lingering feelings of hurt. Last night we didn't cuddle in bed, which is unusual for us. I woke at around 6 AM, fingered my caged cock and thought about my reasons for wearing the cage.

Besides the kinky appeal for me of having my cock in bondage the cage helps me stay close to my wife. Her sex drive is lower than mine and if uncaged I will masturbate. If I relieve myself like that I draw away from her.

I realized that being caged and holding onto hurt feelings didn't make sense. Holding onto hurt feelings doesn't make sense in general, but that's a separate conversation. I reached over and put my hand on her thigh. She cuddled up to me and lay her head on my shoulder.

All is well with the world.
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Re: Chastity and Resentment


I can relate to those feelings
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Re: Chastity and Resentment

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Well said. Been there (and done that). Sometimes I find myself wondering (with trepidation), "what's it going to take to get past this?", and almost always re-learn that all it takes is reaching out across the gap and touching.
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Re: Chastity and Resentment

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This is actually very deep, and I didn't expect to see something like this on a chastity forum. I have also been there, and I don't know about you guys, but when I am locked all the troubles just seem so much less
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