Just starting out

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Just starting out

Post by LeftyLoosen »

As I’ve said in my “Hello World” post, I’m new to the idea of Male chastity (six months), and love the idea of my wife taking control of my sexuality, keeping me alert to her needs and letting me out only when she wants without any guilt from the pressure of pleasing me.

I’ve mentioned the notion a few times to her, texted links to blogs and a free Audible copy of Lucy Fairebourn’s book, Male Chastity, but I don’t think she’s looked into either, likely fearing an extreme kink of whips, chains and pain.

So while I’m playing it slow, I wanted to become familiar with the practice by purchasing a cage and testing out what I’m so eager to become.

Here are my personal observations/ questions I have for the community:

Ball sack pinch during nocturnal erections is real:

At first I thought the cage was too short for my penis (link to cage below). I’m 3” flaccid, 6” erect and the during an erection the base pulls my testicles away, stretching and pinching my skin. I learned that this is normal, and coconut oil applied to the area great way to address the pinch.

My penis will grow erect despite wearing a cage:
I fantasized about the idea that my penis would physically not be permitted to grow in a cage, but I’ve found, as others have, that the erection will simply grow into your pelvic bone, making erections uncomfortable, would a longer cage help prevent erections or simply lessen the amount of erection extending backward between the base of the cage and your pubic bone?

What style of cage is most pleasing to your keyholders, metal or plastic?

My wife and I have been playing with penis sleeves, and she’s mentioned that she likes the clear ones, to at least see me, instead instead of a flesh colored sleeve, so maybe I’m answering my own question.

My cage came with a urethral insert, which I found to be extremely comfortable and very stimulating, during an erection I can feel my penis pulsate against the insert, which may ultimately lead me to explore sounding. But the reason I choose this device was so that I could urinate standing up, however the diameter of the insert isn’t large enough to direct the entire flow through the insert, resulting in a clean stream accompanied by a messy gushing, does anyone have a solution to this problem, is a larger insert the simple solution here?


https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01LZLJ4 ... asin_image
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Re: Just starting out

Post by happilylockedman »

Welcome to the forums, LeftLoosen,

I have a few thoughts to offer you.
- Starting out in chastity your skin is very tender. In time it will toughen up due to the pressure of the base ring.
- It's possible that your base ring is too small.
- Many guys find that a cage that's about the length of your flaccid penis is the right length.
- My wife prefers me in an open style metal cage for two reasons. She has better access to me and hygiene is easier.

Good luck to you.
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Re: Just starting out

Post by Steve2059 »

Hi there Lefy and welcome.

On the issue of cage length, the jury is in on this one and going long is generally a mistake. When I started out I had the same worries as you and ended up being very uncomfortable in a cage that was far too big. I'm 7.5 inches erect but as little as 1.5 inches flaccid, and my experience is that you want a cage that is snug while flaccid, forget about stiffies.
Each to their own on style, but I'm with Happlilylocked man; an open SS design that allows easy hygiene.
I have two cages, including my regular, that came with urethral inserts and I have tried them out. My issue is that I worry too much about infections to stay with them. In terms of gushing though, I found that restraining the flow rate worked for me. I would give them another go but I'm locked in for days at a time, so still worries over infections.
On nocturnal discomfort, this will improve over time (and once you've found your ideal cage), but it's always going to be with you.
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