Chaste Year in Review

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Chaste Year in Review

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We've been together over 20 years, and have been kinky all along. This year we were a little more kink than most. We saw a kinky therapist starting a little over a year ago. Around February, my wife said I should start acting more like her lifestyle slave. Like every year, there has been some ups and downs, but I haven't had an orgasm outside of her presence in about 10 months. When I do have orgasms, about half of them are ruined.

Some recommendations from a pro dome led us to our therapist, who in turn recommended a new pro domme when our old one left town. Nothing like networking in the big city. We've had a few sessions with the pro dome and it's been great. Most involve me getting humiliated, denied, and set aside, and my wife getting fully pleased. If you hear people talk poorly about pro dommes, they probably have not been to one.

My wife dated a woman a few times. One involve me working on a lap top in a coffee shop across the street for about 4 hours. I have to say I was jealous. She's been buy our house a time or two, but not to play. It can be a head rush.

She'd really like to cuck me with a male FWB. Who knows? I am more envious than jealous.

With a lot less time spent on wanking, I run a lot more. I've lost about 30 lbs since our new "lifestyle" kick.

We don't use devices much. Maybe I will have to try them more in 2019.
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