100+ days in I've stopped counting. Is there an upper limit?

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Re: 100+ days in I've stopped counting. Is there an upper limit?

Post by bondinchas »

Every now and then my wife asks me what the record time is for someone being kept in chastity...

I just say I've looked in the Guinness Book of Records and it's not in there, I have the fear she might be thinking of setting the benchmark.
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Re: 100+ days in I've stopped counting. Is there an upper limit?

Post by attentive_husband »

I'm 12 weeks since my last orgasm, 3 years 1 month since I first started, and my wife told me 2 days ago that I'll never have another orgasm.

So Hopefully I'll live a long life and that means decades going forward without an orgasm.
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Re: 100+ days in I've stopped counting. Is there an upper limit?

Post by happilylockedman »

It's been about 7 weeks for me since my last orgasm, actually, maybe a bit longer. My wife isn't stopping me. Any number of times she's asked me if I wanted to come and each time I've hesitated ...and declined. I love the thought of the cum but I also really value the feelings I have when I haven't cum in a while. You all know what I mean.

Anyway, this afternoon I said to her that I'd like to have an amorous encounter and I'd like to take a pill to make it better. She said okay. Now, I don't assume that means that we actually are going to have PIV sex. (as I'm writing this I'm getting hard in my cage) but there's a good possibility that we will.

With my chastity provided maturity I'll be okay either way. When I step back and look at it it's remarkable that I can feel so unattached to getting my rocks off. Most men wouldn't understand.

If I give her an orgasm, or two, I feel fulfilled. We've been intimate. That's what I'm really seeking.
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Re: 100+ days in I've stopped counting. Is there an upper limit?

Post by gilesenglish »

That's me at 150 days - if you count continuous wear, otherwise 145 days from being sealed. Not seeing an upper limit.
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Re: 100+ days in I've stopped counting. Is there an upper limit?

Post by Steve2059 »

There are a couple of points with which I quite identify.

I managed to make 2018 an orgasm-free year (for me). While it was a daunting task at the start, and She thought I was a bit bonkers but went along, like happilylockedman the denial grew on me. Having sex, including PIV, without coming gets to be a habit (in a very good way) rather than a challenge and I suspect that long periods of arousal which continue beyond the end of sex and into post-coital cuddling mirror the female plateau. Anyway it works for me, but also for Her; She tells me that I'm more attentive, considerate, romantic, and actually harder and for way longer.

On Jan 1 I had an orgasm. I didn't particularly want one and we were both a bit hungover from partying, but She insisted that we mark the "anniversary". Afterwards we were both a bit underwhelmed by the whole thing so, while She has decreed 2019 another orgasm-free year because she much prefers the chaste me, the actuality is that it's probably permanent. It also took several days to get back into the chastity mindset and I'm far happier now that I'm mentally back there. We're also taking a stricter line on ruins (or semigasms as she mockingly calls them), so from around nine last year I'm expecting two or three in 2019 (I know there are medical concerns from some quarters, but at approaching 60 I reckon that even if true I should be ok).

On locked-up records, mine is 35 days (this is totally 24/7 locked with cleaning and grooming in situ). It was supposed to be NOvember but we went away without my key which added five days. This is unlikely to be broken (but who knows), but She has instigated a permanent regime which sees me locked except for 2 hours on Mondays and an indeterminate time on Fridays (today! Yayy!) for compulsory self-edging, but then also out on command if she wants PIV sex. All other activity is with me caged.
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