chastity device in shipped baggage

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chastity device in shipped baggage

Post by kunst »

I need to fly together with colleagues for a work trip, and I would like to bring my metal chastity device in my shipped luggage.
I explain why, since I expect some question why I do not wear it. In fact, I use it when I am too tempted, as a self-control tool that helps specially at night. I do not lock it, it is just a psychological conditioning.
Usually we use honor method, and when I travel in general I do not use any device. The agreement is that when I come back I must declare how many times I gave myself a release, and based on that number my wife calculate an extended period of denial for the time I stay at home (I do not travel too often).
However, coming back to the topic, the question is if you think there might be any remote possibility that the shipped luggage can be inspected and I risk that a colleague could see the device, which I would prefer to avoid since we work in a very small company where people chat a lot.
Thank you.
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Re: chastity device in shipped baggage

Post by Lockedforwife »

I would think if it’s a checked bag that the odds are low/nonexistent that a colleague would see it since they don’t inspect those bags in the open.

If it’s in your carry-on and security does a bag inspection that increases the chances as they can pull items out of your bag.
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Re: chastity device in shipped baggage

Post by WifeIsVanilla »

I agree with Lockedforwife. We fly a lot and have, over the years, found numerous notices in our checked luggage advising that the bag had been inspected. Clearly, those inspections do not happen in public areas.

Amusing story about travel with CD's: I usually have at least one device in my carry on. On a very recent trip, my carry on got pulled over after it came out of the x-ray machine, and a 30'ish female TSA agent was rummaging through my stuff. She came upon my Holy Trainer case, which very clearly says on it, "Holy Trainer - Male Chastity Device." I wasn't concerned that it would be an issue, but I have no desire to shock other people with my kink. Fortunately, I didn't. She held it for a second, got this sly smile on her face and then continued her rummaging while looking a bit distracted. :D
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Re: chastity device in shipped baggage

Post by Finn »

Same here. Checked bags get any and all of our toys. Don't wear kink items through customs, or in carry-on luggage.
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Re: chastity device in shipped baggage

Post by sirmebane »

Checked or Carry-on, I have never had an issue with chastity devices (plastic nor metal) in my bags. I never attempted to wear it through the scanner, I don't think I could even if I knew I'd get away with it.

No one has ever even paused on my bag as it went through the x-ray machine. I only fly domestically in the USA so your mileage may vary depending on your travels.
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Re: chastity device in shipped baggage

Post by fuzzydunlop »

If you mix in a bag with a lot of dildos, butt plugs, harnesses, super large high heels, crazy wigs, etc., the chastity device will go barely noticed.
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