Dick shrink- fiction or reality?

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Dick shrink- fiction or reality?

Post by thewave22 »

I know that there is a temporary shrinking for one or two weeks at worst, but the word out there is that a long therm chastity and specially the shorter one and specially specially for longer periods than 2 months can lead to permanent shrinkage of the penis.

Is this true?
Can you share your experience with this myth?

my chastity cages are on the way, im honestly concerned for my dick length in the long them.

Thank you :mrgreen:
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Re: Dick shrink- fiction or reality?

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In my experienced option (you can see all the pics you want on our blog lol) this is compete crap. My hubby has been locked in a cage pretty much daily for 5 years. While the skin gets a little more snug and may feel tighter for the first erection or two after longer lock ups, without full erections, he has not lost a single mm in length or thickness.
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Re: Dick shrink- fiction or reality?

Post by fuzzydunlop »

Fiction, as are most “concerns” that don’t involve skin integrity or hygiene.
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Re: Dick shrink- fiction or reality?

Post by TonyF25 »

I have been in lock 24/7 for 3 years. I'm small to begin with 3 and one half inches hard , but have not noticed it get any smaller. The skin is more sensitive , and when she lets ne masturbate if I rub to tight, it will get sore and sometimes get a abrasion . But with lotion its fine.
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