Returning to the Cage

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Returning to the Cage

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I keep my genital and anal areas shaved for good hygiene and because I like how it feels. It's been years with no problems but about a month ago I developed an ingrown hair at the base of my penis, right where the base ring is in contact. Developed nasty sore, went to dermatologist (uncaged ;) ), didn't wear a cage for several weeks.

My wife wears her key but I have full access to another key that I use at my own discretion. I always tell her if I've removed the cage or put it back on. I'm very responsible - no cheating, although sometimes when it's off for a shower I'm very tempted ... but I digress.

Yesterday afternoon I decided that the sore was healed sufficiently to re-cage. I put on my metal one - the weight was uncomfortable. I put on my very lightweight nylon device and was rewarded by the snug, comforting feeling that I know so well. Ah...back in the cage. This morning I snuggled with my wife and was delighted to feel the familiar swelling in my cage, pushing against the sides.

It wasn't bad to be uncaged but it's good to be back.
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