What she just said...

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What she just said...

Post by sirmebane » Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:54 am

I have been traveling, the kids have been finishing up the school year, stuff has been going on and chastity has taken a firm back seat. I have been really thinking about locking up myself but that breaks my own rule of letting her decide.

When I checked my log we only had a week in the past several weeks, it's been infrequent. I go to work, I tend my chores but I feel like a big part of our world is missing. I'm not forsaken but man I miss what became of our relationship.

Last night we were getting a little playful before dinner and she firmly says, "No matter what happens tonight, you're getting locked up after." YES!

When we get the house quiet and close the bedroom door, I let her know that I was excited to hear she wanted to lock me up again. "We've been doing this for two years, it is a thing now. Am I doing a bad job?" I let her know my preferences and thoughts which she heard and asked more questions.

Then she blew my mind.

"I like you locked up, it makes you different... better. I mean a little."

Now this is a woman who has refused to read any link I shared with her about chastity, she really doesn't like the 'forums' but she just repeated what the books, the forums, the memes, the wifes all say at some point.


She made sure to clarify and make sure my feelings weren't hurt, I was far from hurt. I was blown away. Her objective observation just validated so much of what I have read but always held out as potential fantasy or self-fulfilling prophecy.

We had our fun and the cage went on. Life continues.
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Re: What she just said...

Post by Schnoff » Sat Jun 16, 2018 7:14 am

Congratulations! That’s awesome. I am really digging the way you two communicate and check on each other’s emotions, too. It sounds like you got a lot of trust and compassion going.
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