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Post by Xileh » Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:30 pm

I am relatively new to chastity.

After going through the typical progression of Chinese steel cages and disappointment, I invested in a custom stainless steel cage by MCN. I spent two weeks carefully measuring and still got it too short by a quarter of an inch. I learned, a quarter of an inch, makes a huge difference. The problem is, getting an accurate measurement is damed near impossible.

After the first delivery, I wore it for several weeks 24X7. Not really knowing what it should feel like, I tried to make it work. I finally consulted with Mark and sent it back. His service is way too fast. I enjoyed the brief time unlocked.

When it was returned, I knew immediately that it was perfect.

I discovered when the cage was too short, I lost some sensation. With the Chinese cage that was too large, I spent a lot of time with painful erections.

With a cage that is just right, my sensitivity seems enhanced. When I get an erection, it gets discouraged pretty quick. I feel the erection in a tormenting way, but it doesn't progress to the point of ripping my balls off. With the enhanced sensitivity, and continuous arousal caused by the cage, it really is a devious device.

How did you know when you had the correct size?
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Re: Fit

Post by Finn » Tue Apr 24, 2018 12:04 pm

For me, the correct size is a fine balance between being loose enough that I don't get inflamed skin, and not having things so loose that my balls pull through the ring too often. When I really need to hide the cage, I have a shorter CB3000 that is better for sitting and being inconspicuous, but isn't so good for all the time, as it pulls the cage down harder if I get hard/firm, and inflames my nutsack. If I wear the smaller ring (I ordered an oversize one) I get chafed in the end, and have to go cage-less for a stretch. It's all a matter of compromise, and what's needed for the day in question with me.
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