Personal Chastity Magic

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Personal Chastity Magic

Post by happilylockedman » Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:16 am

Midmorning on Saturday I said to my wife that I would love to have an erotic encounter soon. She sweetly replied that that was a good possibility. So, as we rolled into a quiet Saturday night with no plans to go out my thoughts naturally turned to, well, you know. She was just kind of pottering around without a sexual vibe and I felt my frustration rising.

Then the first miracle happened. I accepted that we probably weren’t going to have sex that night and it was okay. I could have gone down the path of resentment, but didn’t.

My wife has never been comfortable even experimenting with any kind of BDSM, which has been a big disappointment for me. The second miracle happened Sunday morning. No, it’s not what you think, or what I hoped for. As we lay cuddled in bed I asked her again if she would spank me and once again she said no, she wouldn’t, because she would have to be angry at me to want to hit me and she loved me, she didn’t want to hit me.

I was disappointed but I accepted it and said “That’s okay.” Then I repeated, really meaning it, “It’s okay”. We went on to have a wonderful time in bed, me locked in my cage giving her two great orgasms, and then, as things subsided, feeling satisfied.

This Monday morning I woke with hard morning wood inside my cage. I spooned against her butt, stroking her smooth thigh, filled with loving thoughts. She woke and said

“I really want to sleep more”.

I continued stroking her and said I wanted to talk.

“Roll over on your back” she said, giving me a little nudge.

As we lay there she played with me as I spoke, drifting her hands from my balls to my chest down to my caged cock.

I enumerated for her the things I described above and how if my impatience had been in charge we wouldn’t have had the great times that we did.

- If I had let my impatience build up Saturday night I would have poisoned the well.
- If I had been put out at not getting the spanking that I wanted we wouldn’t have frolicked in bed.
- If I hadn’t been caged and had an orgasm …well, that would have been fine too but then I wouldn’t have been so affectionate this morning.

“Who would have thought that my fetishy little chastity cage could have such a positive effect?” I asked rhetorically.

“You’re right”, she said as she rolled over and went back to sleep.
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Re: Personal Chastity Magic

Post by sherulestherooster » Wed Apr 11, 2018 1:20 pm

Our first big breakthrough playing in this space was when I truly realized how much she disliked "topping from the bottom" and let go of any critique/suggestions for her. She seemed to really respond when sex was truly around what she wanted and not my fantasies. Sounds like you have hit that stride. Cheers!
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