"Why" narrative

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"Why" narrative

Post by isthisreallife »

I've seen a few fantasy narratives in stories and captions out there that create a driving reason 'why' the woman wants the man locked, to add some spice to the game. These include:

[*]He's too small, and small ones need to be locked
[*]She's a hotwife and keeps him locked while she's engaged with a lover
[*]She's trying to break his will and make him completely obedient to her by never letting him out

I think in a lot (most?) of these cases it's a fantasy, a story that folks are layering on top of the game to make it even more exciting. The blogger at keephimcaged, for example, highlights that they do the sph thing because they find it exciting, not because she feels it's based in reality.

What other fantasies like this have you seen layered on chastity? My wife still seems to be a little uncomfortable with the idea of locking and I'm wondering if we can find an idea like this that would be fun for her to get into and give her a motivation for playing with me like this. I'm trying to compile a menu of examples like this to give her to see if we can hit upon something.

Right now she locks me because I’m into that, so as soon as I protest to be let out she goes, “oh ok”. I’d like help her find a different “why” that would help her to say, “no, I need to keep you locked because...”. Simply telling her I really don’t mean it unless I use a safe word hasn’t worked- she’s too kindhearted and worried being locked hurts me. She has discovered she *loves* T&D without the cage, but the cage thing still eludes her.
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Re: "Why" narrative

Post by cuyahoga »

Sensual Dominant - “I’m doing this because you want me to. I could let you out now, but imagine how much better it’ll be if we wait just a little longer. Isn’t that what you *really* want?”

I’m not into the humiliation sides at all, and my wife definitely isn’t either. Not to steal Tom’s thunder, and hopefully he’ll link it, but he’s got a five star post about the opposite of sph ... the idea that she locks and controls the cock, not because it’s small and pathetic, but just the opposite. It’s powerful and strong, and therefore controlling it is a powerful act.

For my wife and I, breaking from any sort of fantasy and getting into real, concrete motivation ... after a couple of weeks of orgasm denial, she finds me far more cuddly. After a couple more weeks, she gets used to it to the point of expecting it. After that point, she’s hesitant to let me orgasm because she knows that extra cuddly nature will almost instantly disappear. It really does become a solid, real life motivation for her to continue to deny me. The last couple of times we’ve played, she’s noticed that the cage is a further amplification of that. That could eventually become motivation for her to lock me more, and release me less.
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Re: "Why" narrative

Post by braddogg4345 »

Along the same lines as what Cuyahoga was saying....just pull a complete Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde deal when you are caged or uncaged. When you are caged, do everything and i mean EVERYTHING you can to please her. Any chores or errands she needs done, do them without even being asked. Buy her gifts. Give her massages. Basically treat her like the Goddess she is. I know all women are different, but all of them would love having the perfect husband, which you will be!

I am not advocating treating your girl like an asshole when you are uncaged, but i would tone down the perfect husband routine. Just enough for her to see a difference in your behavior. Eventually she will see the difference in your attitude, and she will hopefully prefer to have you locked.

This is exactly what i did with my wife. At first she was hesitant about keeping me caged. She didnt want the hassel of having to unlock me all the time for sex or teasing. But once she saw how much more submissive i was while locked, she didnt mind having to deal with the cage.

We have been practicing male chastity for about 2 years now, and my wife keeps me locked about 90% of the time, and we both love it that way. She has even told me that she prefers me locked because i am a "better husband that way".
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Re: "Why" narrative

Post by bendi »

For me, the main driving force is 24/7 bondage. If I'm in a really boring meeting at work, I can just roll my hips a little to make better contact with the cage and think to myself: "I'm being kinky right now, and you schmucks don't even know I'm doing it!"
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Re: "Why" narrative

Post by sherulestherooster »

isthisreallife wrote: Right now she locks me because I’m into that ... but the cage thing still eludes her.
My wife is similar, never really got into keeping locked except at times when we were apart. We had a thing where she would go on ladies nights out/weekend and I'd be locked. I think that took some pressure off her to "decide" to lock me up, having a certain set of circumstances that prompted it seemed to be more her style. She liked the idea of having proof that I'd "been good" (even though my attitude changes so much between horny and satiated that she doesn't really need that).

But in general she liked how I struggled more to remain chaste when on the honor system. My only advice is to try to make it into some sort of secret game between the two of you. We actually started off with our T&D play with a game; she'd roll a die and I couldn't come until she had come that many times.
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Re: "Why" narrative

Post by fuzzydunlop »

What is it that you get most out of chasity or denial? If you really need the bondage or control, it might take a partner a little while longer to come around on pleasures and burdens of taking on a dominant role or the kinkiness of a cock cage. I was interested in delaying or avoiding orgasm before I knew what “chastity” was. I knew it felt good and increased my energy to wait.

I would suggest being straight forward with your partner that you would like to try it out without putting a lot of burden on your partner. Most women understand that tease and denial can be sexy, and like some degree of objectification by a loving partner if you can avoid being too self obsessed. Sometimes, we go back to the old fantasy of me chasing her around before we were dating and how she knew I was interested, and toyed with me. That’s a pretty vanilla version, but has formed the basis for more advanced play.

Also, try to communicate about various kinky topics and try different kinks. It puts less pressure on any one of them
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