Custom device for long term \ permanently locked?

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Custom device for long term \ permanently locked?

Post by slave2steel » Fri Dec 29, 2017 5:31 am

If there's anyone here that's into steel works and electronic or mechanical engineer here who would be interested in transforming a mental design into a solid object, please let me know.
What I have in mind is a device that's completely fabricated out of solid steel, Zero accessibility or visibility of my genitals, (male) Being an unreachable or stoppable deliver system of intensive CBT. Being reusable or becoming a permanent attachment to a single user that can only be removed through castration.
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Re: Custom device for long term \ permanently locked?

Post by Tom Allen » Sat Dec 30, 2017 8:22 am

You might need to try that design from 3D printed polymer first, to work out the bugs.
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Re: Custom device for long term \ permanently locked?

Post by TwistedMister » Sat Dec 30, 2017 8:37 am

It sounds as though you are enamored of a fantasy that cannot be turned into reality...well, what I think I understand out of what you wrote, anyway.
...that can only be removed through castration.
If it can go on without castration, it can come off without castration. This seems completely unrealistic.
Being reusable or becoming a permanent attachment to a single user...
Huh? They are all reusable, nothing is 'permanent'.
Being an unreachable or stoppable deliver system...
What? You are going to have to turn that into a more meaningful phrase, this one doesn't make much sense as written.
...of intensive CBT
There are several designs available which incorporate projections that can deliver various amounts of pain during arousal, and perhaps one offering that incorporates electrodes to deliver shocks (though this can be defeated by removing the power source).
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Re: Custom device for long term \ permanently locked?

Post by cuyahoga » Sat Jan 06, 2018 9:03 am

I think he’s trying to express that the device should prevent him from interfering with or stopping the delivered CBT.

I also think that this device is relegated to the fantasy world of chastity. To only be removable via castration, I would think the device would have to be fabricated literally around the intended human bits. Otherwise, no matter what the final ‘closure’ method, it could be reversed.

So, since we’re entering the world of fantasy ... may I?

I’ve long imagined, dreamed, fantasized about a device. It would start with small brain wave sensors under the scalp on the skull to measure arousal. They would need at least bluetooth, preferably wifi, connectivity. Next would be a larger unit, presumably near the prostate / bladder, connected to the nerve endings of that area. This device would serve a few purposes, but the primary purpose would be to send the signal to the brain that the need to urinate was urgent, varying proportionally to the level of arousal. As you got closer to orgasm, your need to urinate would become more intense, thus hopefully killing your ability to orgasm, or possibly even maintain an erection.

This device could also be used to send small shocks, gradually increasing in intensity, alerting the male that he needed to get the cage on, only stopping when the cage was locked on. Then, between the device and the cage, pleasurable or painful electricity could be sent in either direction, from the prostate to the head, or back, or both. All of course, at the discretion of the keyholder, run from presumably an app on their locked phone.

<<sigh>> Someday, maybe.
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Re: Custom device for long term \ permanently locked?

Post by LockedByBD » Wed Jan 10, 2018 5:29 pm

Yes, fantasy ... but it's still an interesting problem to think about. My idea would be some sort of internal latch device, similar to a door latch. But the door latch has a door knob to turn, so if you remove the door knob it is difficult to open the door. How about a metal tab (around the scrotum) that goes into a slot (on the tube). The tab is cut to spring open on its sides once it is fully into the slot. That would make it very difficult to get off. You would have to cut metal.

I remember that old British TV program "Danger UXB." No matter how clever the Germans were the British always found a new way to defuse the bomb. Same here ... though I would caution against using liquid nitrogen as the British did!
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