Urethral tubes

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Urethral tubes

Post by Steve2059 »

My current cage came with a detachable urethral tube - which I promptly detached.

I have used it successfully, but only out of curiosity and within the home, but it does make peeing standing up, and with a controlled stream, pretty much like uncaged.

I've considered using it while out-and-about, say in restaurants and bars (or pubs as they are called here) but, even sterilised, my worry is about injury or infections.

Does anyone use these, and if so what's your experience?
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Re: Urethral tubes

Post by Barkis »

Good question. Sorry I can't offer advice, but I too am interested in other members' experience as I aspire to owning a Steelworxx Looker 01 at some point in the future.
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Re: Urethral tubes

Post by BWiley »

Much like yourself I too have one with a detachable silicone tube insert. I tried one with a solid steel urethral tube and just couldn't get comfortable with something solid up there.
I've tried the silicone tube and after using alot of KY up the pee hole it worked wonderfully one time. But other times I had a little blood come out. Not much, but when it comes from there, any is too much to me.

I wouldn't worry about sterilization too much as long as you sanitize it before, because your urine will keep it clean. I am just worried about causing chaffing in there and I decided to forego it.
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Re: Urethral tubes

Post by PatMcGroin »

Yes concern yourself with sterilization. You are inserting something into your body. Once in it should stay relatively sterile but it needs to be that way when you insert it. The biggest issue is urinary tract infections UTIs. They are painful and could require you to inform your doctor how you may have gotten it. I’m out to my doctor as kinky so it’s not a huge deal for me but others may not want to sheepishly explain enforced chastity to a disapproving doctor.

That said i’m wearing a silicone insert as I type this. I boiled it last night and stored it in a new plastic bag until I was told to put it in. It fits into my HT2. The feeling is intense any movement of my penis is felt inside and out. Sitting perfectly still is little help. As it gets soft and retracts the nozzle slides out stimulating me making me get stiff sliding back it back in. It’s like my penis is fucking itself with no influence from me.
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