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Giving Thanks

Post by happilylockedman » Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:25 am

Several days ago my wife and I were cavorting in bed, ending in an orgasm for her. She suggested we take a shower together, which we rarely do. I asked her to remove my cage but I left the ring in place. My ring has a small attachment ring that I have been wanting her to use. I brought the short chain with a snap on it into the shower, offered it to her and she snapped it on! She shower's not very big so there was really no place she could lead me, but I loved it. We soaped each other, rubbed each other and she started stroking my penis. I knew I would come in no time at all because it's been about three weeks for me. (and for me that's a long time).

I didn't think about it but I said "I don't want to come". She said "all right" and we finished with our shower. We didn't talk about it until this morning.

I got up before her, which I always do, and showered. When I came into the bedroom she was moving around so I snuggled with her and peeked out through the shades. The sunrise over the water was beautiful so I pulled the shades open all the way and we lay in bed, enjoying the view, the colors, and each other.

I started talking about our shower two days ago. I told her that as much as I enjoy coming I also greatly enjoy sexual tension and at that time I wanted to keep my sexual tension more than I wanted an orgasm. I told her that I wanted to keep myself available to make love with her. As I told her this I was spooning her from behind, pushing into her with my full cage. She was agreeably moving her butt around but wanted to go back to sleep. I realized, once again, that my chastity has greatly increased my patience. Once upon a time I would have been mad with desire and if she hadn't been available to me I would have masturbated and been done with it. I shared this understanding with her, she smiled, pulled the covers up and closed her eyes.

We started with chastity in April. I kept on pestering her, wanting to talk about it. I know this is a common experience. In July we talked about it, again, and I told her that a big part of it was my insecurity about her being on board with chastity. She said, OK, let's give it a year. I'm on board for a year and we'll revisit your being in chastity next July. That was excellent. I've got a pretty good feeling that next July she's not going to want to go back to pre-chastity :D
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