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Re: Metal Detectors

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reading this thread, I want to go on vacation with my KH wife just to get embarassed now. We both have TSA precheck.

"I cheated on her 20 years ago, this was her solution rather than divorce." "Yes it is custom and I wear it 24/7"
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Re: Metal Detectors

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I posted this in my journal, but thought I would share here as well. I had a few tense moments over the weekend involving a metal detector.

My company had sponsored the fireworks after a local sporting event, so we received free tickets. I DID search the website to see if metal detectors were mentioned and they were not. Me and the family headed to the ballpark.

As we approached the entrance, and to my horror, every entrance had a metal detector. To make matters worse, several of my coworkers showed up at the same time. I pulled my wife aside and said, “ummm, there are metal detectors.” Her reply was “so?” After glancing down repeatedly and rapidly, she got my clue. I’m wearing a Mature Metal Jailbird. She asked me if I needed to return to the vehicle for a few minutes. I then informed her both keys were in a timed lockbox at home that still has about 24 hours remaining. She smiled and said, “Well, I’ll let you handle this.”

I really had no choice EXCEPT to walk through or miss the game. We had built this up to my 5 year old and he was going to be devastated if we had to leave without a GREAT reason. My mind was racing and I wondered how the “intimate body jewelry” description was going to go over with security. I delayed few minutes as I looked for my electronic tickets on my phone, allowing my coworkers to pass through security. then took a deep breath and walked forward while my wife remained behind me.

To my HUGE surprise, nothing happened as I walked through. With a audible sigh of relief, I showed our tickets and enjoyed the rest of the night.

On we go….
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