From wife to Mistress

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From wife to Mistress

Post by VinnyDee » Sat Sep 30, 2017 1:18 pm

As I mentioned in another post, my wife was unaware that this is our 5th year of chastity with teasing and denial. She thought it was just over a year until I showed her the receipts for the cage I started off with and the one I have been wearing for the last 4 years. I told her that since I am the one constantly aware of my chastity, she does not think about it much and is used to it being the norm. Same thing happened when we shared her girlfriend. She did not realize that we were sharing her for 30 years and our threesomes are mostly our regular sex. To her it was just normal life. Heck, despite almost 3,000 sexual encounters with women over the last 45 years, when I asked her if she thought of herself as bi at the age of 63, she said that she never thought about it before but she guessed so since she likes sex with girls and men to a lessor extent. However, she never dated or had a romance with a girl. She only does that with men, me.

Today was a big day. My wife was complaining that I was annoying her so much about being horny after two months of denial, that she was thinking of letting me cum just to shut me up. I do not want her to feel like that. She went back to her library of books on Chastity and FLR. As a result we are going back to domestic discipline which I dread. She goes full force from beginning to end and leaves deep bruises with her paddle and welts with her cane. No more hollow threats.

She also surprised me with telling me to call her Mistress. She has always hated that word. I think it conjures up a vision of a leather clad woman beating men and treating them like slaves. She has made it clear that she does not want a slave for a husband. Says it will change her view of me as her protector. Now it is required to call her Mistress because she read somewhere that it will reinforce my submissiveness to her outside of the bedroom. We have always had a weird relationship. I am fully submissive to her in the bedroom. She can do anything to me. Once outside of the bedroom, she reverts to being submissive to me. That worked OK when we were in BDSM, but chastity cannot be left in the bedroom. I am locked at all times and she teases me every day. I have been using my marital dominance to basically play with her naughty bits whenever I was horny and she has had enough of that.

My wife is beginning to realize the power of her vagina. Sometimes some girls learn early on and use to their advantage. It used to be that her vagina was mine an if I asked for it, she allowed me to play with it. Now she has gotten used to denying it to me. No intercourse for longer than we can remember. She seems to be bringing the dominant feelings she has in the bedroom to other areas of our marriage. Will it last? Probably not as she is a very old fashioned wife raised to put her husband first. For now I call her Mistress and I think I am going to be paddled or caned this weekend. It could be worse. For a few months two years ago she had me wearing panties and bras all day. I even slept in negligees.

Each year she gets more strict and I no longer see the fear in her eyes when she tells me to do something she knows I do not like doing. That comes from what used to happen to her if she displeased her abusive alcoholic father. I understand that and do not push her. I give her the info and let her go at her own pace. The good part is that each year she likes to change things to keep it fresh. We went from orgasm control to erection control. Orgasms twice a month to orgasms every four months to possibly 1-2 a year in 2018. She tried the feminizing thing and domestic discipline. Every year it was different and stricter. I think that when I showed her the receipts for my first device and she saw that we were doing this for almost 5 years and not a year or two, she realized that nothing bad happens if she dominates me. No reason to fear me. I never gave her a reason knowing her past. We even had exercises where she would slap my face just to learn that I would never hit her back.

Our chastity is a work in progress and definitely our sex life until our age or medical conditions force us to stop. My wife's longtime girlfriend required that I call her Mistress during our S&M games but I felt funny the first time I called my wife that today. Thought I would enjoy it but instead it seems awkward.
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