Tease Jar - Suggestions, prior experiences?

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Tease Jar - Suggestions, prior experiences?

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Hi everyone-

My Wife/Keyholder/Goddess has suggested we keep a jar for my kinky scene ideas, treats, and cruel twist tricks to be used on me once a week.

I've got lots of ideas and fantasies, but want to avoid "toping from the bottom". My tendency to do so ruined a previous attempt at a sustained less-vanilla lifestyle several years ago.

If I understand correctly, once a week on weekends, one of us will pull a folded up piece of paper from this to-be-named jar and we will both act on it.

They can't be more than a few sentences. Some will be illustrations with words, some descriptions. Since orgasm denial for 10 days has had no problem so far, I suspect weekends will be my only chance at release going forward (which is both scary and a huge turn on).

Have any of you tried a similar system before? If so, how did it work out? Were there challenges I should expect?

Also, if any of you have suggestions for scenes we could try or treats or punishments she could ration out, please share. Keep in mind we aren't into cuckolding, spanking, or rough CBT.


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