A real funny

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A real funny

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Today MsM had Her playtime with me wearing Her cage, ball weight and butt plug (the later two to distract me from cumming). After She had four orgasms and paddled my arse to further take my mind off my own excitement She had a bath with me continuing to serve Her. Towards the end She sent me to get Her dressing gown and slippers and in order that She got more time relaxing in the bath She told me to remove the ball weight and butt plug. i went into the toilet to remove the butt plug and washed it in the sink there. The water was so hot the plastic plug swelled up and stuck fast. On the way past the bathroom i said to MsM "i couldn't get the plug out, i'll try later" .......... when i got back with Her dressing gown and slippers She had a very worried look on Her face and asked "where the hell has it gone, how come you can't get it out"!!!!!! ....... MsM thought it was the butt plug i couldn't get out lol !!!

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