Any Chastity-related resolutions for 2017?

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Re: Any Chastity-related resolutions for 2017?

Post by TwistedMister » Sun Jan 22, 2017 7:36 am

Afrinadian wrote:I was concerned about this as well. I found the body has a way of taking care of itself and I too tend to have wet dreams and ejaculate during sleep every 60-90 days.
I've only ever had one 'wet dream', and that was when I was much younger. If I go without ejaculation for a long period (several months +-), it turns thick, lumpy and yellowish in color (when I finally get to) and it can take several ejaculations in succession before it returns to 'normal'.

I suspect, that if this condition were allowed to continue for longer periods, it might be possible for blockage and swelling of the prostate to occur, and could result in other potentially harmful effects.

What this tells me, is that not everyone automatically 'corrects' for a lack of sexual activity, and each must evaluate his own response. Some of us might truly have a *need* to ejaculate periodically, despite some folks saying it isn't so.

It occurs to me to wonder if this might not be a possible cause of 'BPH', for which some guys end up taking drugs to correct...when a simpler solution would be a prescription to spank the monkey every now and then. But, I lack the data to determine how much validity this hypothesis might have.
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Re: Any Chastity-related resolutions for 2017?

Post by Afrinadian » Sun Jan 22, 2017 2:57 pm

That's a very thoughtful and thorough observation. Certainly something to consider.
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Re: Any Chastity-related resolutions for 2017?

Post by Finn » Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:18 pm

I have found the same thing when I've gone past a month without an orgasm or ejaculation. The longest I've gone is 2.5 months, and it was as the other poster said, thicker, gloopy and off colour. My keyholder has changed some things since my last post. I'm going 3 months without an ejaculation (I don't get to have full orgasms) but the experiment is to see how things look since I'm going that length of time with no genital stimulation. It's for science!!! Anyhow, both my wife, and my keyholder (One of our best (and kinky) friends, who we have known for about a decade. It's a long story.) want me to give up masturbation, as of this year, so that's the plan. Not sure what difference edging/masturbation has on the state of semen in the body with long term denial, but I will find out in April! It may take a few emptyings to get things back to normal, and we will set out emptying schedule around what we find from this experiment.
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Re: Any Chastity-related resolutions for 2017?

Post by KTs_pet » Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:27 pm

My resolution, or goal, for 2017 is to be locked up as much as possible.
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Re: Any Chastity-related resolutions for 2017?

Post by VinnyDee » Sun Sep 17, 2017 10:15 pm

I am always locked except for doctors and dentist. Why dentist, because I once had a ball slip out and all these instruments in my mouth for drilling a tooth and I had to endure the pain for 20 minutes. Locking up is not really our focus. Locked or not, orgasm denial is our focus. We work together to avoid my orgasms.

Normally we negotiate the minimum number of orgasm I will get and how much sex we will have. We have reduced those numbers year after year. For 2017 it was sex once a week and 3-4 orgasms. Next year I have no say so it is up to my wife. I know that if she senses that I am in physical or mental distress due to orgasm denial, she will let unlock me.
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