Explain PERMANENT to me

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Re: Explain PERMANENT to me

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jfenoffti wrote:Would love to read your "rules" and with your permission, incorporate some of them into our "game rules".
I think they're mostly hand written, I'll have to see about getting them into ASCII. If I post 'em, you can use 'em, no permission needed. How would I know, anyway? :lol: Of course, your use is at your own risk :twisted: , I have a masochistic tendency to 'play with fire' and to create the potential for situations that other people might find 'unacceptable' depending on one's taste for kink...you'd have to modify accordingly. In some cases, it's what *isn't* written that might be important, leaving open possibilities that could push or exceed limits, that would have to be recognized and accounted for. :twisted:
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Re: Explain PERMANENT to me

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Great! Will look forward to it. I appreciate the deviousness of not writing some things; leaving the rules open to interpretation.
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Re: Explain PERMANENT to me

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sirmebane wrote:While I realize it is a strong fantasy for a lot of us (myself included), I see a lot of honest accounts of those who never want to have an orgasm again. Ever. Permanent denial.

I can think of worse things but why never again?
Because( but only if )that's what the KH wants.
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Re: Explain PERMANENT to me

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Definitely need to have orgasms and intercourse, otherwise there is no sex life. Chastity lifestyle is permanent but being locked permanently is not for us. Sex is an important aspect of a healthy relationship.
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Re: Explain PERMANENT to me

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You first need to know what the poster considers permanent chastity. Some call being locked up 24/7 as permanent chastity while others call no more orgasms, as permanent chastity. Others require both being locked up 24/7 and no more orgasms as permanent chastity. So you need to know the poster's definition of chastity and permanent.

I am locked up 24/7 unless it is dangerous or not practical to be locked up. For instance, needing to wear a cup for sports. Long story short, my wife is bi, not into sex with guys anymore and has denied me any form of penetrative sex for about 20 years. She would love to never let me orgasm again, but is smart enough to realize that if she took away the one thing that gives her control over me, she will no longer have control. Just wearing a cage is not the source of her control, my orgasms by her are. I do not consider myself in permanent chastity, just locked up 98% of the time. I need to know that there is an orgasm on the other side of the rainbow and my wife makes my orgasms worth waiting for.
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