Painful now but funny after.

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Painful now but funny after.

Post by Janelles hubby » Mon Sep 26, 2016 2:48 pm

Hi, just wanting to share chastity stories that were very painful but gave you a big laugh later on.

My wife (kh) recently bought the points of intrige for my cb6000s for me to wear. About my second day of wearing the smallest one she was playing with her Petunia (her name for my penis), in bed under the covers. After getting me worked up she stopped, leaving it to twitch on its own. Needless to say our two El Gatos though it was Speedy Gonzalez under the covers and pounched with full claws. I flew up so fast, i hurt my neck. Later we were laughing our heads off but boy was that painfull with the spikes.

Any one else have stories to share.

Janelles hubby.
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