Point of no-return....

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Re: Point of no-return....

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I just signed a contract that says I will be locked up indefinitely 24/7 unless she gives permission to take it off. We just started playing with chastity about a year and a half ago. Our play has been part time up until around January when she started demanding that I put it back on immediately after being allowed to cum. The longest I've gone in chastity is 10 days without orgasm so far and the contract only says one orgasm a month but I have the ability to earn more by doing things to make my KH happy. I am so nervous and excited to see what she has in store for me! I've been wanting to try going longer but here I am 7 days in with Blue balls wondering what I got myself into, and hoping she let's me cum tonight. And also secretly hoping she doesn't...
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Re: Point of no-return....

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With us, chastity has evolved over a number of years, and now we do what She wants 100% of the time.

I've been in permanent penile orgasm denial for some years, but this has evolved from caged to mostly caged to today's arrangement. She noticed that it takes a few days to settle into being relocked, after which I get to a place where I could just stay locked no bother. So I now spend 3/4/5 nights caged and 2/3/4 nights on honour, as She decides.
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