Locked up again

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Locked up again

Post by VinnyDee » Sun Aug 28, 2016 2:38 pm

After 3.5 years of 24/7 chastity lifestyle and being locked most of that time, we stopped. I just needed a break and my wife was tired of being my keyholder. What I learned is that sex was no fun when I could orgasm whenever I could. I no longer wanted to massage my wife's body and feet. I started to masturbate again and went weeks without sex with my wife. I missed the sexual energy and felt bored all the time. I really miss thinking about sex all the time. Surprisingly I was not sleeping as well as I used to when I was locked up for the night.

From my wife's point of view, it is more complicated to explain. She is bisexual and had a long time girlfriend for most of our marriage. Her girlfriend happened to be a girl who had a crush on me since we were kids and my wife used sex with me as bait. Long story short, we shared the same woman for most of our marriage. My wife dislikes any type of penetration and is not a fan of oral sex either. Her preferred method of orgasm is her vibrator, even when she was with her girlfriend who also preferred a vibrator. Maybe that is why they were perfect for each other. :)

No more girlfriend so my penis is not needed by my wife. She does like me to kiss her when she uses her vibrator but I know in my heart that she is thinking of women, not me or any men. Don't get me wrong, she still likes men but only hot pretty boys types like I used to be in my younger days. Now I am just another fat man with a shrunken penis that rarely gets hard for her anymore. So sex is no fun anymore and my wife is getting tired playing with me every time I ask. I am tired of feeling like I am getting pity sex. Weeks are passing by with no sex and I started masturbating to porn again after not doing so for several years.

Today I told her that I know she is not that interested in sex with me and we could go two ways. I could just masturbate and leave her to do the same. This is what a lot of the seniors here do for various reasons. The other option was to go back to long term chastity where I get an orgasm once every 1-2 months. The benefit for her is that she enjoys teasing and denying me plus misses having me as her obedient slave whom she could cane when I was bad and order to give her massages whenever she wanted to. I told her if she wanted to control my penis and orgasms again to bring me the key to my Jailbird. If not I would just go back to self pleasuring and leave her along.

She gave me the key and said that she will be stricter than she ever was since she missed being the dominant one in our relationship in most areas. So it begins again. I would be interested in hearing from others who took breaks after years of chastity and then started again. What was different the second time? Any advice to make it better than it used to be? Did you get used to longer periods of orgasm withdrawal? Did you have to get used to wearing the cage a little at a time like when you first wore one? Stuff like that.
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