Do you feel "naked" if you not in chastity?

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Do you feel "naked" if you not in chastity?

Post by Caged55 »

I'm in enforced chastity practically 24/7 and very happily so, with the odd day being allowed out for a day, to perform certain physical tasks such as heavy lifting etc.

Putting my pants on without being in chastity and even walking around naked I feel strangely "naked" without being chastity, it seems like I don't have the same sense of "nudity" whilst being locked in chastity... Wonder if anybody feels the same - and I start missing the feeling of my JB keeping my cock locked for Madam KH's pleasure, and the "weight" of the JB on me...
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Re: Do you feel "naked" if you not in chastity?

Post by slave d »

i don't know about "naked" but i certainly dislike the feeling of being unlocked now.

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Re: Do you feel "naked" if you not in chastity?

Post by locked4her55 »

Spent a few weeks last month cruising Europe so I blew the dust off my old CB6000s since I knew the Watchful Mistress would be an issue with scanners. Well much to my surprise it never went on. My wife prefers me chaste but hates the smell and hygiene issues associated with plastic, even with removing it daily for cleaning.

Didn't like the feeling of being unsecured but did find using public urinals less troublesome.

On a side note, I experienced more orgasms during my three week vacation then I had in all of 2015. :D :lol: 8-)

Feeling pretty satisfied. . . . . Could be awhile before I'm desperate for release.
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Re: Do you feel "naked" if you not in chastity?

Post by kept4her »

It does feel different and almost foreign when out at first. If I am unlocked for a day or two things go back to normal, yet it is missed.
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Re: Do you feel "naked" if you not in chastity?

Post by sunnyweasel »

Yep - I feel something missing -- So yes I feel naked when not locked
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Re: Do you feel "naked" if you not in chastity?

Post by ManagedMan »

It is both strange and amazing how our bodies and brains adapt. At first they reject the presence of something new. But over time, that presence becomes the new normal. Then when the accepted presence is removed, our brain tells us that something is missing from its new normal state.
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Re: Do you feel "naked" if you not in chastity?

Post by Lockedchef »

I feel like something is missing and usually can't wait to lock up. The feeling is only really complete though when she has the keys and I have no idea where they are.
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Re: Do you feel "naked" if you not in chastity?

Post by Aarkey »

I started a new relationship recently and it was a bit of an adjustment going back into the belt with more regularity than I had for quite a long while.

With that said, for the past week I have been out of the belt with my family visiting and this morning I put it back on and well... I've missed it. It really is remarkable how it can feel like something is missing when it is gone after wearing it regularly for a while.

And personally, something feels "right" to me about being locked up by a beautiful Dominant woman. ;)
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Re: Do you feel "naked" if you not in chastity?

Post by Tom Allen »

Not "naked" but a while back I'd have dreams in which I was wearing my device; the device wasn't integral to the dream, it was just an awareness that I had it on - just like I know I have hair or whatever.
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Re: Do you feel "naked" if you not in chastity?

Post by sirmebane »

Without a doubt. I miss the constant reminder of her and "the game" we play.

Having been locked for the last month, I hate the thought of being let loose now. It is a more intimate connection to her like my wedding ring.
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