If you have done this for a year...

Living the real life under lock and key

How often are you locked up now?

I'm locked a few days at a time
I'm locked a few weeks at a time
I'm locked a few months at a time
I'm locked 24/7 other than fun and maintenance
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If you have done this for a year...

Post by sirmebane »

So I just read an interesting post on the members forum and wanted to refine the responses for my own self-interest. My wife and I have taken to chastity like a duck to water and it seems the natural progression is to go longer and longer until you end up 24/7. (I know terrible polling to bias it right away with an expected outcome)

What I'd like to discover is that once you have been playing with chastity for a year or more, what happens? I'm excluding all newbies (like me at 3.5 months) from participating but feel free to reply and comment to this thread.

How does your chastity play look after a year?
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Re: If you have done this for a year...

Post by Chastelaxbro »

I'm 2 years in and I have evolved from unlocking every other day to masturbate to being locked full time with the exception of maintenance (once a week) and fun (once a month).

I am locked full time with the exception of those 2 times. And obviously special occasions like my doctors appointment on Tuesday.

Hope this helps.

Also, I feel weird without my cage. Actually I hate not being caged.
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slave d
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Re: If you have done this for a year...

Post by slave d »

i suspect age may be a factor too. i'm over 60 and am locked even when MsM has Her "playtimes" 3 times a week, the only unlocking lately was for international travel (security concerns). Even normal doctors visits don't require unlocking and personally that's the way i like it ! i also hate being uncaged.

MsM's ld
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Re: If you have done this for a year...

Post by Tom Allen »

We've been playing for 15 years. We take breaks, and when we go back it could be days or weeks. As I've gotten more into road cycling, we rarely play with it in the summer, but with my recent A080 cage, she wants me.back in more often. It's all good.

Edit: in case you weren't aware, when we first started this, we went for months at a time.
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Re: If you have done this for a year...

Post by Lockedchef »

Been doing this a couple years now and something airways interrupts are attempts at longer lockups. Could be a flight somewhere, doctor trip, family vacation,. Or just life in general. We both work full time, have small kids, and other obligations. As fun as this is managing my penis full time isn't her priority. I've always wanted to be locked for a month straight but the longest we have made it is three weeks.
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Re: If you have done this for a year...

Post by braddogg4345 »

I am just shy of the year mark, but i figured i would chime in cause im bored. My KH usually only unlocks me when we are together. Which is basically on weekends. We both work during the week. I work days, she works nights, so we really only see each other in passing. With the exception of T&D sessions, i am locked up 24/7 during the week.
On the weekends, when we are together, i am usually unlocked, unless she decides to lock me back up for a punishment. Usually for being overly "affectionate".
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Re: If you have done this for a year...

Post by locked4her55 »

Been at this for over 6 years now and as I 'mature' my wife reaps the benefits of longer and longer lock ups. Since I'm in a very cleanable device it remains on for weeks and weeks at a time and only comes off when she wants to play. There for I cast my vote for '24/7 other than fun or maintenance'
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Re: If you have done this for a year...

Post by buzby »

I guess I'll chime in here...usually, I'll be locked for a week or two before the wife gets sick of it and takes it off. But this may change. I'm currently locked 11 days which is usually pushing her limit, but today she wanted to fool around. Because I've been trying out a new device, I've had the keys in my possession. We were just about to get started, when she looked at me and said "you don't want to orgasm today do you?" I guess the look on my face said it all, because she received two orgasms and I stayed locked. She is now in possession of the keys, with no inclination of giving them back anytime soon.. So my vote may change to months.
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Re: If you have done this for a year...

Post by fuzzydunlop »

my wife and i met about 20 years ago, and i've had some interest in orgasm denial/control almost the whole time. sometimes it seems like years go by without playing, and other times we play a lot. we don't use devices that much although i own several. a lot of it is will power, tease and denial.
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Re: If you have done this for a year...

Post by VinnyDee »

I am 65 with ED and a decreasing libido (at least when unlocked) with a bi wife that prefers women. So my wife does not care if I orgasm or not since she allows no penetration and not very fond of receiving oral sex either. I do not even consider it chastity until 2 weeks without an orgasm because that is when I feel the need for one. Due to this my wife tends to give me an orgasm once every month or two depending on the timing of special occasions. For instance I am locked up today and our anniversary is in two months so she will more than likely make me wait until then. However, sometimes she gets so horny teasing me that she forgets and lets me cum because she wants me too. I never know and I like it that way.

For me, one orgasm a month is fine but that really does not push me. To me it is normal, something I am used to. I like to be pushed occasionally and have gone 4 months once. We were shooting for 6 months but I got too desperate and it was affecting my mental state and life. My wife will let me cum when she senses that I am in physical or mental distress so I do not worry about how long we go since she will rescue me. That is love. :)
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