Using chastity for weight loss

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Using chastity for weight loss

Post by sirmebane »

I read more one account of couples using chastity for weight loss. The man would be denied orgasm until he reached a goal weight of say 10 pounds less than the starting weight. Some have suggested that negative results (weight gain) would even remove all hope for orgasm and some even stop teasing entirely. Ouch.

So an example might be:

225 --> 215 = Orgasm
225 --> 228 = Loneliness

You could do this in 5-10 lbs increments until he is at the ideal weight (something reasonable for age and activity).

I think it is both interesting and potentially harsh because having that pizza on the weekend could really mess up your sex life. Alternately, you may begin to associate good habits with good results in the most tangible way that a man can be trained.

Anyone tried this?
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Re: Using chastity for weight loss

Post by Grizzly228 »

Thought about it as my weight has slowly but steadily increased the last 6 years or so
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Re: Using chastity for weight loss

Post by Lockedchef »

Ive wanted to do this too. Need to talk to my wife about it. Ive put on a few pounds the past couple years, might be good motivation
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Re: Using chastity for weight loss

Post by braddogg4345 »

I haven't tried it myself, but if sex isn't a good motivator to lose weight, I dont know what is.
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Re: Using chastity for weight loss

Post by gilesenglish »

Works for me. I have monthly targets. If I don't reach them I earn penalty days :(
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Re: Using chastity for weight loss

Post by ptharv »

It worked for me to a certain point then I just had a difficult time keeping on the diet. Ended up piling on diet penalties along with behavior penalties. I am now back to eating properly but have 42 months of penalties, of which I have only done two. I honestly think that my wife would sabotage my penalties. She often encourages bad food. And there have been several times where I have had a non-allowed orgasm. On the rare occasion that the device had to removed, she would encourage me to shower. Then leave me unattended. She knows I can not control masturbating. Then she would sneak back and catch me. That happened four times and the penalty for each is six months. That's why so many penalties. But for losing weight, it has worked very well.
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Re: Using chastity for weight loss

Post by locked4her55 »

I'm currently on a "loose 30 pounds weight plan". My wife weighs me on Saturday mornings and I need to drop at least 1.5 pounds per week. She knows I crave denial so letting me out or extending my time in chastity has not been a motivator for me. BUT, what has been effective is that come Saturday morning, if I haven't achieved my goal then she gets to paddle my bare ass and she doesn't hold back. She has a twelve sided dice that she rolls to determine the number of swats. I've not met my goal weight twice since May and the cheeks have been quite red and bruised for several days after. We have some set punishments for bad behavior but the worse is the paddle.

We started this in May and so far I've been "inspired" to drop 21 pounds. This past Friday night while watching TV and I came back into the room with a handful of potato chips but before I could put one in my mouth she looked at me and said "sure you can afford to eat those?" :shock: I put them back in the bag. :lol:
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Re: Using chastity for weight loss

Post by LockedByBD »

My wife hasn't been too keen to play with chastity. When I suggested it about six weeks ago she was very put off by the idea. But then she called me from work and said she was sorry she was so abrupt with me, and then ordered me to be locked by the time she came home. Since we started discussing having me in chastity (about two years now) she's been very reluctant to play. So you can imagine my surprise on getting this ultimatum. Then, to make a long story short, a few days later she told me I had to lose 15 pounds before she would consider unlocking me. You could have knocked me over with a feather! So last Friday my weight was near the target, but she only will consider unlocking me on the weekend. Come Saturday I had hit my goal, but she had other things planned, so no fun time with the wife. This week every day she's been letting me know that if I gain weight back it's tough luck for me, otherwise I might be unlocked Saturday morning. So I'm dieting and exercising and am down 16 pounds and holding steady.

One further note: she's been hinting that once I'm unlocked for fun I may be relocked with a new goal and more weight to lose!
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