Who has gotten started in your 50s

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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

Post by WifeIsVanilla »

I got started 10 years ago at age 61.
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

Post by Chastityat60 »

Early 50’s ..solo only, off and on.. trying again at 61..hoping very vanilla wife will come along at some point. Wife 59.
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

Post by SteveOD »

We started when I was 59 after we moved away from the female lover my Wife an I shared since we were in our mid twenties. Chastity with very long term orgasm denial has been our lifestyle for the last 11 years. It is not a game for us. I did not magically turn from an Alpha male to one who wants to be my wife's slave and my wife has no desire to dominate me. I think many read about how they are supposed to act and that is how they do chastity and why it fails for the majority of couples. Self locking never lasts long because it is not chastity. It is celibacy since no sex is involved like it is in chastity. Chastity is not femdom, cuckolding, wearing panties, etc.. In those activities, chastity is a small part of the larger fantasy. Chastity can stand on its own but that is very boring to write about or show in videos. Day 23, I still have not had an orgasm. Day 56 still no orgasm. Not very exciting like cuckolding is to many men.

I started late in life because I have had both a wife and a lover shared with my wife for most of our 48 years of marriage. I wanted as many orgasms as I could get. There were many days where I would have sex with a girlfriend after work and then go home to my wife and our girlfriend for a threesome were I had two more orgasms. Then it was one on one sex with two more orgasms. Finally masturbating before I went to sleep. Yes, there are days when I could not go that many times, but I tried, always tried for as many orgasms as I could have. Only in my old age was Chasity with orgasm denial of interest since I could not longer have intercourse for several reasons and without our girlfriend with us anymore, my wire found that sex with just a guy, me, was not as arousing as it was when there was a guy and girl in bed with her. So chastity saved our Sex Life which went downhill fast after we left our poly triad. My wife did not have to spend time getting me to cum with a limp dick just to do her wifely duties and enjoys having orgasms when and how she feels like it.

However, our girlfriend who we left behind when we moved, is not into her husband anymore. She married him for financial security while sh was still in our poly triad. She had been calling us and sending gifts. The three of us always thought we would grow old together and I hope that we still can. It was a perfect triad with equal love for all and no arguments or problems due to the triad. It was wonderful. Yet, I have not decided that if I would remain orgasm free if our girlfriend comes to live with us again. She is the only woman I think about every day or masturbate to. I have known her since I was 14. A Norwegian with long blond hair, great body and 38EEEE breasts. She was into S&M as I am so it was a perfect fit sexually.

You are never two old to give up your sexual preferences.
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

Post by rpf »

We started in January, 2021, both in our mid fifties….6 months into what is now permanent chastity, our marriage is better than ever.
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