Who has gotten started in your 50s

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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

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Got started just after turning 63 and significant other was 55
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

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I started just before I turned 51. After a few fits and starts, I am locked 24/7. (It seems I am a better husband and more responsive in all respects when I am wearing my device--go figure).
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

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35 here. You guys are making me feel like a spring chicken lol.
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

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I got started in my mid 40's. My wife is 10 years younger than me, and it took a while for her to feel comfortable with chastity play. I'm in my mid 50's now, and we both enjoy male chastity. :D
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

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Got started last year at 53 but toying with the ideal for over 2years ,I am self chastity and bi my wife now about bi side and the sex life in nil but a long story and we still are living together more happy now.
Gone smaller ring and this combo is working well nearing 140 days and looking at smaller cage and pod rivet
and to be tattoo with a chastity symbol.

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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

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You mentioned, How to introduce it to your wife....

I was 47 n KH/Wife 48 and I used the two following blog posts to help break her into it.

The making of the perfect Chastity husband: By Mistress B

It's another typical Friday morning, kids to get ready for school, dry cleaning to pick up so Bill has his favorite suit for some important investor meetings at work today. I drearily contemplate my schedule at work, what to take for lunch, and my car needs gas, burr it’s too cold out.

“Sweetie, don’t forget, gas up the car after you drop the kids, and make sure you go to the Chevron near the cleaners, you’re stopping there to get the cleaning anyways.”
I drop into the kitchen to get another cup of coffee, my lunch is sitting on the counter with a rose and a note simply “XO XO” Awe, my favorite Tuscany ham, sprouts, and cucumber pita roll…how sweet.
I hear the garage door as Bill returns with our cleaning, house to ourselves, I drop out of my robe and stride past him naked, a little wink as I strut by. Just a reminder of what he longs for and worships. Off to the closet he goes with a moan and finally I hear the shower running. I make my way back upstairs, slowly glide past him in the bath doorway, stopping for a second to fondle him and check the lock on my toy box as I love to call it. I giggle, he kisses my neck, and he is off to make the bed, he is of course running a bit late to his office. “I’ll be a bit late, meeting the contractor to sign the plans on my new bath and shower in my office” he reminds me. A bit of a pain and expense but I was the one that insisted he go to the gym daily and of course he can’t exactly “shower with the boys” without a bit of attention and explaining to do. Awe, he laid out a wonderful outfit for me and just the right shoes, but I think we’ll go with something a little sexier today.
Hmm, 1pm, his big meeting today, think I’ll send him a selfie of my office attire today. “I love you” came an instant response followed by XO XO. (XO= X-treme pressure, ouch!....I’ll explain more later)
4pm, I’ll pick the kids up for him and arrange the nanny; I know he is busy with the contractor. 5:40 he is home, he enters the bedroom to find me sitting on the chase, a look of disapproval on my face, as he drops to his knees hugging, kissing, and apologizing for his tardiness. He explains the contractor was late and he had already dismissed the staff so he had to lock up the office. I’m shocked he remembered how, he never closes his company as he is typically due home before me to get the kids and dinner underway.
“I’ll let you know before bed how I’m dealing with this” I tell him. This has certainly got him a bit nervous and on his toes to please me the rest of the evening, not that I’m not already spoiled. See, next week is our 25th wedding anniversary and we will be on a cruise so, my parents, they wanted to celebrate early with us tonight over dinner.
During all the typical chit chat, my mother comments, you two are so lucky to be so much in love after 25 years in today’s day and age of divorce. How do you manage dear? I grin, fondle my neckless, and with a glance in Bill’s wide eyed direction slowly respond to my mother. “Mom, I’ve got to be honest with you” I start, ”We almost divorced 4 years ago, Bill’s company was struggling, I nearly lost my job due to cut backs, we were fighting often, it was beginning to effect the kids.” My mom was shocked as I had never told her before. I went on to say, “Finally, we found the answer,” a glance in Bill’s direction catches him loosening his tie (I’ll deal with that latter), going on, “I took control, Bill agreed, and follows my every suggestion.” “Smart man”, my father injects, as we all laugh. A look of relief washes over Bill’s face. I give him another wink and smile.
Bill, the gentleman he is, tried to pick up the check but my father refuses, he gets my coat, opens the doors, and we say goodnight to my parents. My mother just melts under his smile.
We dismiss the nanny, kids are fast asleep, “home at last, let the weekend begin” I exclaim as I toss off my coat and heels; Bill dutifully hangs my coat and gathers my shoes to the closet. Bill collapses to the bed with a sigh, he has had a very busy week, very stressful, but I must remind him to get that clean suit hung back up and come see at my chase lounge.
He takes a knee, his head bowed, his toned naked body glimmering, taking my hand he begins to slowly kiss it. Clearing my throat I begin, “first, let us discus the tie, you know how much I hate when you play with your tie, further, you should have called or texted when your contractor was late, and of course, there is a little matter of Tuesday you were a little short with your son over his grades, I understand, but you should have calmed down before addressing me. I will not tolerate that tone in your voice with me ever!” “Yes Mistress, my apologies” he replies.
After contemplation, while I enjoy his touch and kisses, I begin to access his penalties. “Well, I was going to give you freedom on the cruise next week as your wedding present, you just lost that, I’m sure you knew your 30 days ends next Thursday before we fly out Friday, don’t worry I’ve got a numbered plastic security tag to replace the padlock, be on your best behavior from here on out and you might get a consolation price for our anniversary”.
The look of disappointment on his face as we retire to bed arouses me even further. I roll to my side, grab his hair firmly, and give a little push towards my waist. He knows just what to do from there. After my climax, I reach down and give a couple tugs on the padlock just to remind him of its vigilant job. “I love you”, he whispers and we fade off to sleep.
Saturday morning I hear the vacuum running down stairs, the kids arguing in the playroom, the aroma of fresh coffee on my bedside table. I lay back and smile, knowing I am such a lucky woman, I live like a Princess.
Things weren’t always so perfect, far from it, we were what I would refer to as a typical couple. We both had fast paced careers, he just started a business that nearly bankrupted us, we had two wonderful children by accident rather late in life. We had a very vanilla sex life, things were very routine. We began experimenting with toys in the bedroom at the suggestion of our marriage consular which failed miserably, I began using the toys to replace having to have sex with Bill, and he was caught masturbating to porn on the laptop on several occasions because I wasn’t satisfying him. I was afraid he was having an affair with the beautiful young ladies at the office and my accusations only drove us further a rift.
He accidently forgot his laptop for an out of town trip and I took the liberty to have a friend crack his password. I know what you’re thinking! Read on please! It was the best thing I never should have done.
While surfing his browser history I came across the porn sites he was masturbating to and they all involved forced male chastity. I was beside myself and while literally dialing my attorney I stumbled across another article that caught my attention titled “How to save your marriage by submitting to your wife.”
As I read on, I began to gain my composure, I did my own research, I put my fake happy face on every day and continued to educate myself. If this indeed could save our marriage, let us give it a whirl. I reluctantly placed a web order with overnight shipping as he was due home in a couple days.
After much research I had ordered a CB-3000 Chastity device from a reputable online seller. At least I thought I had, I actually received a Chinese knock off that broke just a few weeks later. Please, do your homework.
The evening of his return I knew he was exhausted, but we needed to talk, without fighting, accusations, I needed his total attention and trust. I meet him at the door in my finest teddy, 4 inch heels, and took him straight to the bedroom. I slowly undressed him as I asked him if he trusted me. There was no indifference as to if I had any interest in bondage, BDSM, D’s or whatever you may call it. I’ve made that very clear over the years yet I knew it was still a fantasy of his. I took him to the bed and produced a pair of pantyhose from under the pillow I used them to secure his hands to the headboard. I could see the excitement and confusion in his eyes. I asked him if I had his full attention now.
“Good,” I informed him, now were going to talk. I should have taken a picture of his face! Priceless! I began to inform him I’ve been doing some reading and research, I very much wanted to save our marriage, I loved him with all my heart, but we needed to change dramatically if we were ever to save our marriage. Still confused, he reluctantly agreed. I went on to explain, from this minute forward, we are going to make changes and he will either learn to live with them or he can pack his bags and I will help him.
After much talk his manhood realized his fantasies were not going to happen that night, little did he know at the moment. I continued to tell him how from here on out I’m taking control of our relationship, and will ensure its success so long as he agrees to do what I say. Looking back I think he only agreed with a glimmer of hope he was still going to get lucky while tied up. After receiving his commitments, I untied his hands, disappointment painted all over his face.
I rose off the bed, went to my drawer and produced the package containing what I referred to at that time as “my lifesaver”. As he opened the package his excitement at full mast and his eyes couldn’t be more confused. To the bathroom and on with it I ordered. Don’t just stand there and look at me, he was speechless, a first in all our years! I’ve never been anything but a purely submissive wife and could count the times in or marriage I ever raised my voice to him on one hand.
After several minutes in the bathroom, he began to ask questions. “I will explain it all to you once it is on” I firmly told him. After what seemed an eternity to me, I was very nervous, he emerged, his manhood fully secured in my lifesaver. I sat him down on my chase lounger and began spelling out how I envisioned this would proceed from here, him, thankfully, still speechless.
I made it clear, I was in total control from here on out. I asked if he enjoyed having his hands bound and he admitted eagerly. I told him to remember it because it was never happening again, this isn’t about your desire for bondage, your fantasies, or to satisfy any of your kinks. This lifesaver is to fulfill your desires, test your limits, help you get in touch with the man I knew when we first met, and to save our marriage.
As a well-educated lady I thought I had done my research well and knew what I was doing once I committed to it. I was a fool! I had no idea where this would take us, who I would bring out in him, further, who it would transform me into.
That night I laid out ground rules from adjusting to the lifesaver, cleaning, maintenance, how I expected him to treat me, how I wanted to be pleasured, when he would get his next orgasm, and consequences for his lapses.
After the first few trial and error days, we seemed to have worked out many of the issues, had some play time in the lifesaver and out. Aside from his constant nagging about the discomfort, his next release date, and fidgeting with it, I could see subtle changes in his demeanor and attention levels.
A few weeks into this, while involved in a rather hot bedtime session for me, he suddenly split the lifesaver in two. We promptly ordered a replacement from the actual manufacture but while awaiting its delivery I observed him quickly slip back into the man before the trip. The man I could barely live with anymore. I happened to be off the day lifesaver II arrived via post. I immediately drove straight to his office and informed his secretary we would be in an important emergency meeting for the next couple hours! Bursting into his office, locking the door behind me, I had no idea at that moment my life was about to change in ways I never imagined, ways we dream of as little girls, ways we quickly forget were ever possible as we mature into young ladies and soon meet young men.
The only words that came out of my mouth were “put it on or get out of my home!” Eagerly, he complied without a word. A smile washed across my face, a sense of power and self-worth filled me and made me what seemed a foot taller. It was clear to me, he really did love me and really was willing to submit to my wants, and desires, above his own.
It took a while for both of us to find ourselves through this process. Through trial and error, long talks, email exchanges about issues tougher to speak face to face about we slowly carved out each other’s respective place in this world together.
I became enchantingly surprised with the changes I never imagined in him. Each one increasing my self-confidence, building me up to be a better wife and homemaker, a true leader, dare I say, a dominant wife? I took more controls of our relationship as time went on. He admitted how he never knew himself that was what he wanted as well. How much joy and freedom it gave him after a day at work to come home and know I was in control and all he needed to make me happy was shower me with his attention.
Over the next few months we began increasing his time in chastity, prolonging his orgasms, and in return he unwittingly took on more and more responsibility around the home to please me, carved out more time in his schedule just to be near me, settled into wearing the lifesaver longer terms without discomfort or fidgeting, unless of course I teased him which I tried to do on a daily basis. I am always aroused by his discomfort and reactions to my teasing, hence our XO=X-treme discomfort , ouch!
Surprisingly he hasn’t once raised his voice to me or upset me substantially since the day lifesaver II went on, that was 3 ½ years ago! Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been all roses and rainbows. There have been trials, expectations unfulfilled, disagreements, but we worked through them, well I worked through them he wasn’t given a choice but to obey me or suffer the consequences I assess.
We tried extended periods of release as his rewards for putting me on pedestals and treating me like a Princess I never dreamed of. I love him more now than ever, of course I want to reward him. However, I was not pleased with him once he was free for more than a couple days. He would quickly begin to slip into some of his old habits, unconsciously I’m sure but, none the less there they were. Even after 30 to 60 days out he learned during his training to see to my needs and obey, but I want much more today and I set the rules, so no long term outs unless medically necessary.
It took nearly a year of trial and error to learn the best practices to maintain his arousal, interest, commitment, and discipline both in and out of the lifesaver. We’ve settled on the fact that he is in it more than not for his own good and my sanity. Once the lock snaps closed I inform him of his term, based on his performances while out. His term is no less than 2 weeks with only supervised cleaning and maintenance. His slightest indiscretions earn him an additional day or days assessed as immediately as possible to correct the action he committed.
Let me be clear the first 10 days are typically less than stellar performances on his part. He is better but not the man he can be. After about 10 days he settles into his confinement and the true gentleman comes out and the Princess is flying high. His consequences of his actions while free and failures during the first 10 days have typically earned him as little as 3 or 4 days to as much as 2 more weeks in the lifesaver. On a couple occasions he was assessed 30 more days, I swear he brought that on purposely just to test me!
Men never lose their childish tendencies to test authority, push buttons, play with that they were told not to, attempt to control that which they have no business trying to; us women.
I know what you’re thinking; you need intercourse more often than that. So do I! I didn’t say I wasn’t rewarded, oral sex, digits, toys, and yes I do unlock it often for my fulfillment but he is not allowed to O unless I give him permission which is very rare. Remember the consequences, if I unlock it early regardless if I choose to do so, he gets another day, if he fails to preform or O’s without permission, he gets another week. Yes you can teach a man to O or not on demand. With a little patience and practice your sex life will never have been so rewarding. He will thank you for it as well.
Beyond 30 to 45 days, he seems to adjust too well to the lifesaver. It clearly isn’t doing as well as it did on day 10 or day 20. I have determined the 30 to 45 day as needed as the reset days. No more than 1 or 2 days the lifesaver comes off, timed well with my monthly cycles, as not to interfere with any bonus I may receive. These are the days he takes the opportunity to test my limits, I give him the control of our sex life only, nothing more, he still treats me like a princess these days but never ceases to find new ways to pleasure me and surprise me.
The moment the passion starts to drop, usually after 2 or 3 days tops, the lifesaver go backs on. The clock resets to 2 weeks, and we start all over. You see I get to adjust the timing to derive the maximum benefits I desire. I have built the perfect Chastity husband.
Passion, commitment, attention, respect, are showered on me daily, month after month, year after year. With very little effort on my own, I have invested the time to test the cause and reaction of his choices and my own, measured the responses, benefits and fails. Now this runs pretty much on auto pilot. I have emerged once a reserved, submissive typical female, to a moderately dominant, very confident, happy, and fulfilled beyond wildest dreams, Princess. My only effort required is to remain vigilant, assess penalties for shortcomings, and I do love to tease every chance I get. He deserves it!
Today we refer to it as my toy box, which much better describes the way I treat it today. It already saved our lives together long ago and we’ll never forget that. We are both so much happier and share a connection I never hear about from other couples, everywhere we go, people comment and compliment us on how well we mesh. I get so many compliments on what a perfect husband and gentleman he is. He has lost nearly 70 pounds, goes to the gym daily, takes much better care of himself, his business is thriving; I found a new management job that much better suits whom I’ve become today, I feel more energy than I did when I was 20, I’m happier than my wedding day, and I owe it all to a simple padlock.
I need to wrap this up, we’re leaving in a few hours for the airport and I need to make sure he has gotten everything squared away. Little does he know I’ve snuck a little surprise into my luggage. So long as he doesn’t earn himself any additional days, I’m planning on giving him an anniversary present he’ll not likely ever forget. I’ve slipped a pair of handcuffs I recently purchased into the bags. I know he has always fascinated about being “dominated” by me, after 3 ½ years of being the perfect husband I just might give him one fantasy. He’s earned it; I just hope he doesn’t mess up before the night.
Thanks for reading my new blog and feel free to leave your comments below. I’ll start replying as soon as we get back.

The making of the perfect Chastity husband: By Mistress B

My gosh, I was overwhelmed by the amount of comments, questions, and support I received in just two short weeks we were gone. I apologize it has taken me another week to read them all, some private responses and for the rest I start my public reply.
To answer one resounding question, yes, it was a wonderful trip and much needed escape. To answer the overwhelming second question, yes, he was on his best behavior and earned his surprise. To my surprise I actually really enjoyed watching him enjoy my participation in his fantasy, admitted more then I enjoyed delivering it. Sorry, I just don’t seem to derive any gratification from BDSM administered to him. I did enjoy in seeing him pleasured. Is that strange?
One comment I read mentioned that if I really loved him and didn’t want to fulfill his fantasy I should consider hiring someone to do so professionally. I must admit I was a bit appalled at the notion and nearly gave that poster a piece of my mind. Something I would have never done before. After re-reading it several times and some open minded consideration, I did some research on the subject and found there are legal legitimate businesses that operate even near me as “dungeons” for just such a purpose, no sex what so ever, nothing illegal, just fulfilling fetishes and fantasy’s within the limits of the law. I’m not convinced but will update you once I’ve made a decision. First I think I must work on understanding me and can I learn to develop that side of me so I can fulfill him.
I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised that once I opened my toy box and left it off for what I anticipated to be only another 2 or 3 days, actually, turned into a 17 day run before I seen fit to close it. The first couple days he rewarded me with spontaneity, lust, love, and we even risked a little public sex late one night on the open deck. As that passed, I expected his tendencies to start to show again but not this time, he fell back into the perfect husband without the padlock. I didn’t know how to react, was it the change of environment, away from the stress of home, family, work? Even after several days home it was the chastity Bill without the lock and an occasional spontaneity. I was on cloud 9; however, I did eventually see fit to close the toy box again. We must remain vigilant in our training regime. You know BOYS, I’ll keep you posted how this develops.
I hope that that 17 day run comes around again and even grows, I loved the pampering, the spontaneity, not sure which I would get, and admit I wouldn’t mind reducing the days the toy box is locked. We’ll have to see where this goes. The OCD side of me wants to test, measure, re-test, and then apply firm statistics.
Several of you questioned if I considered making his chastity permanent, absolutely not! Again I admit I had considered that after 3/12 years and nearly full time use of the toy box I accepted it was going to be a long term commitment. His new 17 day run introduced me to something I haven’t gotten in the last few years and I want to see how that develops and grows. On the other hand if I ever catch him talking to 3 blonde bimbos, a third of his age, again! He won’t have to worry. I’ll super glue the lock shut on a steel version and we won’t need to worry.
I know that sounded a bit harsh, I was pleased when he took the liberty of informing me, assuming I didn’t already know, how these three gold diggers approached him and flirted with him to buy their drinks which he declined. Wise choice, enforced chastity would be difficult from my jail cell.
Many more asked how to introduce their wives to chastity, I assume, your wives are not likely to be as fortunate as I was and stumble into this great lifestyle. I would print my blog and leave it somewhere she will discover it and hopefully read it. I can’t promise her reactions but I pray for the best. I would hate to be the reason of someone’s divorce.
Another recommendation would be to sit her down and have a long honest heartfelt conversation about what excites you and makes you tick to this topic. I would love to think most woman are mature and open minded enough to at least do their own research.
I personally think any woman who experiences a quarter of the rewards I have from this choice would be like I was. I was instantly addicted to my new perfect husband and needed more and more, after 3 ½ years it only continues to get better. All I need do is tease, deny, control.
Be careful as you research, there is an endless sea of fiction out there designed to sell porn to the wishful male. The creditable resources are hard to find and fewer to find but I will be linking to some of them as I get permission.
Many of you asked if he is less of a man. Couldn’t be further from the truth. He is a successful business owner and employs over 300 people who worship him. He has many high profile Type A clients that all respect him. Our children admire him; my parents adore him, I ‘m infatuated with him like we just met. He has made me more of a woman than I ever dreamed I could be.
He has complete control of the office and the home maintenance, the vehicles, his prized yard, putting green, and pool. Inside our four walls I am in complete control. I manage the finances, the children’s educations, our decorating with his brawn; I control the groceries, though he prepares more than ½ the meals. I haven’t taught him to shop yet. He relies on me to set his allowance, I buy his clothes, I set the chores, he handles the laundry, and of course I get pampered to no end, including drawing my baths, unlimited massages, doing my pedicures, and fulfilling my every sexual desire on command. I do tease him time to time that he would look darling in a pair of 4” stilettos while serving me margaritas pool side. We’ll save that for when the children are grown and gone. I assess the consequences as I see fit for any of his failures.
Boys will however be boys given the chance, be vigilant and correct him swiftly and firmly. He will test you and your firm control. You make the rules and make him live by them. This is what he wanted and what led you to this blog. Every woman should have the perfect husband; we just need to build him.
In closing for those that remarked I’m a little to vanilla or a prude; I do what works for me and my perfect husband. No more, no less, I’m not here to write porn, sell books, etc. If I’ve inspired you to do more, find your own perfect husband or build him. Live well.
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

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Here is the other blog I printed for her....

RE: Benefits of Being a Male Chastity Keyholder

I read Ms. Kay's re-published article with great admiration. I too was approached by my hubby a couple years ago about the subject of being his mistress and keyholder. At first I was rather open minded about it, I felt it was a passing kink and we had already tried and liked a few other kinks to keep our marriage of 15 years fresh. However, not long into this new kink I became disenchanted with it quickly. It nearly ruined our marriage.

Now, I look back and take full responsibility for the failures. I want to be absolutely clear, Yes! I failed at embracing something my hubby needed. It was selfish and hurtful of me to now take the time to fully understand what he was presenting me with.

If your hubby, boyfriend, et all, ever approaches you on this, or I imagine they already have if you are reading this, you must first and foremost stop and appreciate what a wonderful and significant "gift" they have offered you. Aside from our wedding vows, and children, this is the greatest gift any man can bestow his loved one.

Fully surrendering himself to your control, your wants, and wishes, with no regard for himself except his sexual release on your terms and conditions. Can you see the beauty in this? I couldn't and almost destroyed it.

Shortly after agreeing to participate I became depressed, annoyed, resentful, that I was forced to participate in this kink to have what I felt I deserved and expected from my hubby. His undivided attention, love, and affection. That is where I soon learned I was wrong.

I eventually brought this subject up, albeit not with full disclosure to my therapist, who to my shock, eventually asked me if we practiced enforced chastity. Obviously I wasn't the first she had conversations with on this subject. Her advice opened my eyes to what really was effecting me and preventing me from fully supporting my hubby.

Those of that engage this are not freaks of society, we are actually part of traditions that go a far back as the middle ages, we are but 2 of a community of several hundred thousand people that engage, it is estimated by an Oxford medical study that as many as 300,000 plus people live this 24/7/365 at all different levels world wide.
Further, she assured me this completely healthy, and put us at an advantage most couples will never relate with on as high a plain in their respective relationships.

This opened my eyes, further she helped me understand more by relating to two dogs, while one may "submit' by exposing it's throat to another female, the submitting male will assuredly stand and fight to death for that female if another male or female was to attack.

My hubby had surrendered his fullest control in love and worship of me and I walked on it. Yes, there are kinks, fantasies, and desires attached. But he is allowing me to choose which I embrace and which I do not. For example, I have no desire to participate in any time or kind of sexual or physical humiliation, cross dressing, or signifying of my hubby, those are my limits as well I'm confident they are his as well although he has made references to me being more assertive in punishing him if he fails me.

Anal was another difficult area for me, as well, he had certain reservations, I, however, learned it was medically necessary for his prostate health as we ventured into his long term confinement and denial. Now I use it weekly to ensure prostate health if I deam he is getting no other release, as I constantly push his limits. We are now going on 4 months without his release other then cleaning and care. I'm getting ahead of myself.

Once I accepted this kink and appeared in the bedroom with his cage in one hand, a pair of cuffs in the other, the key securely around my high heeled ankle, he was in bed reading, looked and me and began to cry with excitement. I approached the bed, his anticipation fully flying under the sheets, I stated, before we take another step, I'm setting some ground rules, will entertain your input, however, I will have full say, control, how, where, when, with what, if at all or ever. Is that fully understood? He quickly agreed. I then allowed him to fully explain his desires, fantasies, wants and needs from me in this engagement. I had to stop and take written notes it was so much to process. I then laid out my ground rules, what I wouldn't do, what I may consider when I was ready.

First the cuffs went on, for all the reasons Ms Kay already addressed, then his birdlock cage, then the locking pin. I still felt I was trying to be someone I wasn't, someone he wanted me to be, but I pushed myself forward.

Let me fast forward about 3 months at this point. Just my often shortcoming attempts to be who I thought he wanted me to be made dramatic changes in him, most not noticeably until the 3rd month. I, however, was also changing and didn't realize it. I was beginning to derive the benefits of our new lifestyle, I was falling into my own person and beginning to embrace the dominant side of myself I didn't even know existed. The more effort I put in the more reward I got 10 fold. It was becoming clear to me how much I failed him the first time and in the first few months of our re-engagement. He didn't want to change me, he merely wanted to submit to fulfilling my needs and desires and all I needed to do was learn to communicate what they were verbally, something, my therapist taught me, most women fail to do in most relationships.

As time progressed I learned the most important thing for me to do was remind him of my control, keep him excited and aroused. Secondly was to make it verbally clear what it was I wanted, and needed, or expected, as the dominant raised her head time to time. Lastly, was to reap the rewards and affection he showered upon me as much as he humanly could.

Today, I couldn't ever imagine using the work "kink" to describe what we have or what we do. I have tried and continued nearly every fantasy, need, and want, from our little meeting that precious night and I'm constantly looking for more ideas on these blogs to introduce to our fantastic lifestyle. I would never have imagined it would be a lifestyle, much less fantastic! I am the happiest, most fulfilled, and luckiest woman I know. I listen to coworkers complain daily about their relationships and think to myself, if only you knew. Ha HA!

My hubby, on the other hand, is well adjusted to this lifestyle and if I allowed him to comment here, I'm sure he would tell you he never imagined this would become his lifestyle either. He, admittedly, originally thought it would be a short term kink until it got old or we found something new. On our anniversary of 17 years last month he professed his commitment to me by vowing to several commitments among, to never again ask for any release, I have full decision and discipline, and allowing my to prince Albert pierce him if I seen fit.
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

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I’m 53 my wife/keyholder is 46. She locked me up this past January
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

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Im 59 and Madame Vanilla is 51. We started 6m ago. She keeps the keys but Im not sure she has realised all her power yet.
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

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Certainly an old thread. The last entry before today was about 6 months after I joined the forum but, somehow, I don't think I read it before this.

50's???? When I introduced the concept of male chastity to M'Lady I was 69 and she was 67. The transition into this lifestyle has been a life/marriage saver for us. All the changes over the past 2 1/2 years have been for the better and I wouldn't go back for anything.
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