Who has gotten started in your 50s

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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

Post by grubber »

In our 50's here also. Best decision I ever convinced my wife to do. Our lives have become so much richer because of it.

Total reversal with age. In my 20's and 30's, I squirted any chance I could. In my 50's, I look forward to being denied squirting.
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

Post by chastehub »

MyBride and i started playing with chastity when i was 49. We had played with power exchange in the bedroom -- primarily bondage, always with me on the receiving end -- but being locked in chastity 24x7 took the power exchange outside of the bedroom. That lit my submissive fires and fundamentally changed our marriage and sex life for the better.

When i was 28 and single i bought a stallion guard, so my interest in chastity obviously goes way back. i never had the courage to show the stallion guard to a partner, so i played with it privately (and never outside of the house), and eventually threw it away. That was pre-internet, so i wasn't aware of the world of chastity, and i'm pretty sure there weren't many chastity devices on the market. i suspect i wasn't the only one with a chastity fantasy that was unaware there were others interested in the same; it was the internet that allowed people to start sharing about and exploring chastity, and that fueled the market for chastity devices.

In my mid-40s i stumbled on Altariboy's website and that rekindled my fantasy, but i did not act on it until i was 49.
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

Post by nebman »

I was about 33 when I discovered the CB series when searching "chastity belt." That was 1997 or so. While I sort of long wanted one, the high cost and doubts about it working well led to a 17 year wait. We spent the next several years having kids, and some worry about keeping things working was also in play.

In 2014, I "discovered" the common three ring Chinese metal device on Amazon for about 30 bucks. And, having had a vasectomy several years ago, I finally thought what the hell. Pure luck,it arrived the day my wife and I were heading to dinner and a hotel to celebrate my 50th birthday. I wore the device to dinner and all that night while having some amazing fun with my wife. The next morning in the oversize shower together got me completely hot again, still caged.
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

Post by She decides »

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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

Post by carolina cyclist »

Seriously started at 48.
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

Post by warwick »

early to mid 50's when we first started. back then it was an off and on thing no real consistency, we were using the cb6000s. back in august we purchased a contender and now my wife lets me out about once a week for cleaning and some play time.
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

Post by Janelles hubby »

50 myself . Wifey 42
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

Post by theLadyanditshers »

My Lady and I are 60, and we started in chastity just two months ago. Our reasons were similar, her sex drive and passion were almost non-existent and I was having trouble maintaining erections, or getting them for that matter. We still enjoyed sex, mostly oral and mutual masturbation, but I had to initiate it, basically talk her into the bed and get it started, then she would enjoy it, but those times were few and far between.
Then I read about chastity and we had a long talk and decided to give it a try. we ordered a cheap chinese steel CD, which ended up to be a poor fit, but it was enough to let us know we enjoyed it enough to try harder. We then ordered a few more cheap ones, just to try different shapes and to get the sizing down properly.
What a difference, my Lady loves it all, being the keyholder, having control of my orgasms, she loves teasing me and aborting my orgasms, in fact, I now get played with every day, and she initiates sex for her pleasure several times a week. I don't get many orgasms, but I get lots of aborted ones and an occasional ruined, but it's still a lot more than I had before. After a week or so of no orgasms, and her controlling the action, getting an erection is a lot easier!
We're actually talking more, laughing more and our relationship has just gotten a lot better overall.
After reading up on CD's here and becoming comfortable with my proper size, I've just now ordered a "Male Chastity Now" Contender CD! Can't wait.
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

Post by gregstep427 »

128 days chastity age 54 this year
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Re: Who has gotten started in your 50s

Post by Papageno »

Yeah, I'm also in early 50, and starting progressively MC (still far from 24/7 or having side effets outside intimate situations.)
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