different kind of keyholder

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different kind of keyholder

Post by happybaby » Mon Nov 23, 2015 11:01 pm

Hi all, just wanted to share with all the people here.
I see that a lot of are always seeking for keyholder, but not sure if anyone really goes finding one or even found one. Here's i'm sharing that i've found a online store that is willing to sell the tiny golden padlock chastity cage uses.........without the keys. The padlock will be left unlocked when sending, of course you got to message to inform the seller about it, if not the seller will just treat as a normal sales.

T&C to get back the keys? well mention from the seller, you just got to pay for the shipping. Any changes or terms got to discuss with the seller yourself.

With this possible, the question next is... do you dare!? :lol:

interested parties can PM, i'm only just share and have no part with it.
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