Can a chastity device cause permanent medical damage?

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Can a chastity device cause permanent medical damage?

Post by attentive_husband »

I'm not talking about a sore spot due to chafing that can be fixed with lotion or taking it off, But permanent damage where it negatively impacts having sex or masturbating if you decide to take it off permanently?
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Re: Can a chastity device cause permanent medical damage?

Post by wishful4 »

IMO, I don't think so. I have been locked more this year than ever before, mostly for longer terms. The longest being 3 months without a full erection or orgasm. So far everything functions normally although, on occasion, it has taken a little longer to become fully erect, but that may have been attributed to alcohol consumption. As a disclaimer, I have no medical training of any kind.
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Re: Can a chastity device cause permanent medical damage?

Post by Gwyidion »

There is no scientific or medical data which can provide insight into this question.

That is really the end of the discussion if we're talking about any sort of information or guidance you can take to the bank. Even the few studies on ejaculation frequency and prostate health don't apply.

Any medical professional that gives advice would have to give it based on their experience of practicing medicine, which will vary.

The best way to approach health and safety in this, or any other sexual play: continue to engage in chastity if it makes you feel good, and if it makes your partner feel good. If something hurts, stop. Pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong.

If you are locked up for some period of time and experience trouble getting an erection after (and that concerns you, which it should), stop locking a piece of plastic or metal on your genitals. You will almost certainly experience a return to normal function in time.

Despite the differing opinions on how kinky chastity play is, you should approach it, and all other sexual activity, with the attitudes of safe, sane, and consensual, and also risk-aware consensual kink. You are responsible for yourself, and if you want out and your partner won't give you the key, get bolt cutters or a drill (and a new partner).
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Re: Can a chastity device cause permanent medical damage?

Post by Linus »

From my own experience since April 2012, I can say NO!
From November 1, 2014, I am locked permanently
383 days completed today, and I am fit like a fiddle!
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Re: Can a chastity device cause permanent medical damage?

Post by Lady M »

Thumper ( has been locked for the better part of 8 years now, I think and my hubby has been locked over two years... Although there have been no done or anything I think the many guys here and Thumpers years of chastity go to show that there really is no concern for permanent damage. If, of course, a cage is used properly and taken of properly. There are certainly ways you could go about fucking thing up, I'm sure :)
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Re: Can a chastity device cause permanent medical damage?

Post by nebman »

I don't think immediate risks are high. There have to be a lot of devices out there after 20 some odd years of device sales. You don't find or hear a lot of credible stories about the high risk of using a device. You can find the topic addressed in places like Dan Savage's column, and while he and his guest Doctor commentators won't exactly recommend using devices, they'll also tell you they lack awareness of common injury or health problems regarding device use.

Like others have said, monitor your personal experience for signs of problems. Do realize the urethral insertion devices likely increase the risk of injury or health problems such as urinary tract infections. There are guys on this board, including Thumper mentioned above, that have had UTI problems.
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Re: Can a chastity device cause permanent medical damage?

Post by Happily caged »

Oh I miss the chastity lifestyle. There is hope for me yet. She might agree to it after she conceives. I'm just not sure for when she's planning that though.

Anyway, I still have my Jailbird and had a CB6000 before that. As for safety, just going by the comfort factor, though I personally had some concerns about the possibility of long-term damage with the CBSA 6000 (mainly because of the pain caused by erections), I neve had the slightest concern with the Jailbird.

I haven't sold my Jailbird and still hope to get into it later. Her concern is that it affect my reproductive capabilities.
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