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Unfortunately I will no longer be able to wear my chastity device anymore. I have Scrotodynia which is a chronic pain syndrome of the scrotal skin. The cause of the burning is unknown but it affects men, mostly men in my age bracket. It comes and goes but it does get worse when I wear my Jailbird or use any creams, lotions or lubricants. I have also discovered that I have grown some small skin tags around my scrotum due to the ring rubbing the same spots as I move around. They become irritated and infected by continued wear of my Jailbird or any ball trap device

Chastity is not a fetish but rather a kink for me. I do not HAVE to do it, I just want to do it. It fit our post poly triad, old age, lifestyle. However, it did its job. My wife and I started chastity because she missed her girlfriend of 30 years and had a hard time adjusting to sex with just a male. I had a hard time because for various reasons, both preference and medical, my wife and I did not have intercourse for a few decades. Her girlfriend would occasionally take care of that for me. She is not with us anymore so no more intercourse for me at all and I had to adjust to that. Chasity allowed my wife to control our sex life and limit the number of times I would orgasm. She loved the tease and denial aspect of Chastity. She no longer had to deal with my penis more than she wanted to.

Chastity brought back our intimacy that was lacking after our triad was no more. My wife and I are now very happy as a monogamous couple for the first time in 40 years. My chronic masturbation is no more because I now know that I will have sex when I need it and my desire for orgasms a few times a day are gone after two years of no masturbation alone. So our decision to try chastity has had a very positive effect on our lives.

I will miss the constant sexual energy I felt by being aroused most of the time. I will also miss the sweet agony of being edged over and over again after months of no orgasm. I will not miss having to pee sitting down and using squirt bottles and swabs to clean up afterwards. My penis is once again hanging proudly rather than turtling like it usually did when I word my Jailbird. I am once again soaking my wife with my semen rather than have it ooze out like lava from a volcano rather than be thick with sperm. I also do not miss being slightly uncomfortable on certain chairs in my house and having to sleep with a pillow between my legs.

So I bid all a goodbye. It has been fun while it lasted and I just know that all of you will miss my long posts. :) We now start a new phase in our life after my orgasms have always been controlled by my wife and her girlfriend. No more sex focused on their pleasure. I had sex last night that was just for me. My wife was not in the mood for an orgasm, having had one the day before so she was willing to just please me for a change. It was good to be selfish for once. :)
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Re: Goodbye

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Cheeses and hairy Joseph, you say 'goodbye' more often than a whore when the sailors are in port.
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Re: Goodbye

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lockedsteve wrote: I just know that all of you will miss my long posts.:)
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