Is it true that they never go back?

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Is it true that they never go back?

Post by lockedsteve »

I have read that once a woman gets used to chastity, she will have it no way else, so I figured I would ask. My wife and I started chastity two years ago. After a year and a half, I tried to take a 3 month break but was locked up again after 2 weeks because my wife said I was annoying her for sex too much and she liked me better when I was denied orasms. My wife is not a penis fan to begin with and does not allow intercourse, so chastity lets her to limit sex to her schedule, not mine, and not have to deal with my penis for long periods of time, sometimes months.

She says that she will never go back to the way it used to be with me controlling our sex life and her feeling guilty about denying me. I can see why she would want to control my orgasms. To tell the truth, when I am unlocked for a week or two inbetween a few months of denial, I want to lock up again. I miss the sexual arousal energy that I feel all the time. I get sad and bored with I am not locked up. So we have both of us not wanting to go back to a regular sex life. Has this happened to you?
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Re: Is it true that they never go back?

Post by DLsKnight »

Yes, my wife has told me that we will never go back to our old way of life, that this is our life now. I am not caged but, on the honor system in long term orgasm denial. With her in control of things, she has become so sexual and loving in all aspects.
I don't want to go back either!
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Re: Is it true that they never go back?

Post by locked4her55 »

My wife definitely likes my attitude when her property is properly secured. She also didn't like how often I took matters into my own hands in the past so I do believe we are in this for the long haul.
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Re: Is it true that they never go back?

Post by Caged55 »

Chastity has been a wonderful journey, to a point, that given we are in a FLR, it is just a permanent part of our lives. She prefers to know that I cannot masturbate, and release is under her supervision. She simply loves the change of attitude, devotion, loving tenderness etc, it has.
The other day, when I put my JB back on after we had sex, and I shaved, she said... "you know there is no going back on this (meaning chastity)..." and I must be honest I miss being locked up when I am out, it just feels right, she loves it... why would we go back, to all the marital issues and fighting, secret masturbation... she is happy with my cock under her exclusive control, I am happy being under her control... and I love the harmony in our marriage, and that I am "dating" my wife every day....
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Re: Is it true that they never go back?

Post by Grizzly228 »

My gf doesn't like chastity but she does control my orgasms. As long as I am okay with her having control and it is a positive affect on our relationship, I believe she will continue.
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Re: Is it true that they never go back?

Post by Tom Allen »

What? You've never heard the old expression?

Once you go "lack,"
You never go back!

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Re: Is it true that they never go back?

Post by sls01234 »

My wife loved it and was really into it the first year, second much less and the third year all talk no action to date.
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Re: Is it true that they never go back?

Post by MrCage »

Yep, we are doing this for the rest of our lives. Mrs Cage even told me tonight that she will make sure the cage is on after I die. I replied that I was going to hand it down to my son when I die. She said that he will have to have the right woman to marry him. I laughed and said I have the wrong one because I'm caged! It's funny. We both love the lifestyle and it has become very normal for us. So to answer the question of the thread, we are not going back. AND, Mrs Cage assures me of this.
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Re: Is it true that they never go back?

Post by She decides »

Yep, my wife is happier with my attitude and the way I chase her around like we're 18 when she has me locked. We've been at this for 18 months with a few bad starts. Over the past 4 months it's all come together nicely and she demands that I remain locked unless she wants me unlocked.

I like it better that way too.

She went from having an orgasm every week or so and saying she was "good" with that, to having one almost daily and loving it. Mine have dropped from daily to, well, almost never.
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Re: Is it true that they never go back?

Post by Forherdesire »

For us it will be remains to be seen. We did a 4 month stint last year that was more designed for my benefit and was a lot of work for Lil Princess. This time around it looks like a six month stint but she, at the moment, doesn't see it going much beyond that. She is a person that is uncomfortable being in charge. She is doing much better this time around though. A lot less guilt and more towards her desires. So I am just trying to build her confidence.

With that said I am much more of a dominate person and am in charge of my own business and a couple different organizations, so it is a little hard for me, though exciting, to give up that control. So there are times I just want to be more in charge. For me that is a issue I am trying to balance.
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