First Steps and surprise

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First Steps and surprise

Post by sirmebane »

I'm sure some will chuckle over my tame experimentation but as I try to decide whether this is for me and whether I bring it up to my wife, I'm trying to figure out if this is going to work.

For a couple of nights, I have gone to bed wearing a steel cock ring that is small enough to stay on whether I'm excited or not. My thought is that the cock ring and the cage base ring might have the same sensation for daily wear.

I have to say the early AM rush of testosterone becomes apparent fast and each night that I have tried this experiment I've had the same result. At some point after 5am, morning wood is announced by a sudden tightness underneath my balls and an awareness unlike I have had in the past. It isn't uncomfortable as such but it is persistent and strong enough to wake me up. The chemical erection that happens every day is now a significant event and there is no way this ring is coming off until things calm down. This is unlike when I use it for sex, I have to wait for the testosterone surge to wear off.

I think about adding a cage to that experience and I have to think that would be simply excruciating and a really unpleasant way to wake up. Maybe that is the point and I'm just missing it.

I presume that the inability of the cock to "fully inflate" may limit the tension on the base ring but I have to ask, is this experience really as bad as I'm imaging it right now?
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Re: First Steps and surprise

Post by Tom Allen »

Do a search on "morning wood" or "4 am erection" or terms like that. Yes, some devices become *very* uncomfortable, and may wake you up. Eventually, though, most of us get used to them.
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Re: First Steps and surprise

Post by wmpwiwlw »

morning erections can be very painful if your wearing a device that is fitted wrong for your anatomy. I had many very painful morning wood episodes until I finally purchased a custom made device. Now I rarely wake up when those erections try to happen. So I wouldnt worry much about it if you get the proper fitting device.
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