Who puts it on ?

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Re: Who puts it on ?

Post by Naljeans »

I put the ring and cage on and hold it in place as my owner screws in the security screw. It’s easier that way and I think we both enjoy her securing it.
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Re: Who puts it on ?

Post by Critter228 »

99% of the time I put it on and take it off. Last time she did take it off though and that was a good feeling. I hope she’s finally warming up to touching it more after 3+ years.
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Re: Who puts it on ?

Post by warwick »

I put the ring and cage on and my wife puts the lock on and clicks it to be sure.
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Re: Who puts it on ?

Post by Marina »

My husband lacks self control so I usually cuff his hands to the bed before unlocking him. That's why I had to learn how to put both ring and cage on myself. I pull both balls through the ring and wait for erection to disappear. Then I quickly pull the penis through and try to put the cage on before it gets hard. I use nylon sock to pull the penis inside the cage and leave it inside. My husband pulls the sock off himself because it's painful otherwise. And of course I am clicking that lock myself because it is a special moment, as mentioned above.
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Re: Who puts it on ?

Post by KittensBoyToy »

There have been some changes since I last wrote on this topic. We have moved from the HTv3 to a Jail Bird with the security screw option and a decorative lock. Kitten still removes the cage when she wants access to her property but the security screw can be hard to handle with her fingernails. Using a longer screw to align the slots help but sometimes she will leave it to me to get the security screw started. Once started the alignment screw comes out, Kitten tightens the screw and snaps on the decorative lock.
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Re: Who puts it on ?

Post by LockedUpNewb »

My wife likes to insert the lock and turn the key, but I usually put the device on by myself. The guide pins where the cage attaches to the base ring are major pinch points, as well as directly under the locking area. I have to scrunch and smoosh things out of the way before I can fully line up the cage and slip it into the guide holes in the base ring.

Since getting a PA piercing in Nov 2018 we've experimented with different ways of using that to prevent pulling out. We're on the hunt for an affordable cage that will accommodate the piercing pin.
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