Would you rather know your release date?

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Would you rather know your release date?

Post by poptart1200 »

How does it work with you and your KH? Would you prefer to know your approximate release date or keep it a secret?

Before I was locked up for the first time, my g/f asked me about this. I didn't want to know. Well, my first week in lock down went by and I asked if I could reconsider my choice. I'm a goal oriented person and if I knew the approximate date then it would give me something to work toward. She then said the plan is to release me about every 30 days, and after a few months she would slow begin increasing the time between releases. By this time next year she wants release times to be about 90 days. I hope we can get there.

In August I am to be locked up for about 30 days. Knowing this, I began to count down the days I've been locked up and updating her every day. I wanted her to be proud that I am going so long without an orgasm. This went on for a week, then she told me that it seems that all I care about is getting released so I can cum, she felt like I wasn't putting her needs before mine anymore. Of course she was right, I was less attentive to her needs and all I could think about is the day I finally get to cum.

So now she will not tell me when I am to get released and I like that better. It immediately changed my way of thinking and I am back to working hard at pleasing her and spending much less time thinking about getting off. She did tell me the August release date will be "extended past 30 days" due to all the confusion and to keep me guessing. She's turning out to be the best KH I could have ever asked for!
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Re: Would you rather know your release date?

Post by carolina cyclist »

Up until my last orgasm in July MrsL has not told me the date of my next orgasm. We do have regular release dates for thorough cleaning but my orgasms are hers to give as she decides. However, after my last full orgasm she very coyily told me that she felt like a great birthday present would be an orgasm....some 40 days in the future.

I am on the downward slope to my birthday next week. Whether or not I am allowed an orgasm on that day, I am going to beg her NOT to ever tell me again when she is going to give me an orgasm. I loved the feeling of "today might be the day" that kept me on edge all of the time. Yes, she has been ramping up her teasing over the past week, which is awesome, but I would rather not know!!
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Re: Would you rather know your release date?

Post by Forherdesire »

I am mixed. I want to know when we about to start our next session but I don't want to know my release dates will be.
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Re: Would you rather know your release date?

Post by TwistedMister »

I like the idea of a regularly scheduled, monthly 'Cum Day', but it is not 'guaranteed'- it could be delayed/pushed out for [some reason] or revoked entirely. There is something to look forward to, and work for, but if you don't perform as expected/desired it can get taken away- best of both worlds.
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Re: Would you rather know your release date?

Post by locked4her55 »

We've gone back an forth on this one. When it was scheduled, the day would come and usually it didn't happen due to life just getting in the way. We now don't rely on a spin of the wheel or a roll of the dice to determine the outcum. :lol:

It's her's to decide if and when she wants it and frankly, I'm just fine with that. :D
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Re: Would you rather know your release date?

Post by Tom Allen »

For me, not knowing is part of my mental script for not being in control.
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Re: Would you rather know your release date?

Post by Lady M »

Hubby prefers to have an idea so we usually have a "maybe" day but I am in control so I can make him wait our make him orgasm when ever I want :)
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Re: Would you rather know your release date?

Post by luckylocked »

Definitely not knowing for both of us. That is why we have the HT2 as it can go through airport security so no defined release dates or having to organise plastic locks, messages etc. Just carry on as normal.
I think, though cant be sure, that her goal is as long as possible as long as I don't get to needy, clingy so she plays a very good game of keeping me just on edge enough. She has also learnt the art of making her man beg to stay in chastity in return for other rewards so as long as everyone is happy it stays on.
My release date could be tomorrow or it could be next year. I have no idea.
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Re: Would you rather know your release date?

Post by CagedWestley »

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Re: Would you rather know your release date?

Post by lockedsteve »

I had posted a similar question when we first started chastity. We tried it both ways and each way had its pros and cons. If I know the date I can go longer without an orgasm because I know when it is coming. If I do not know when, I used to get anxiety attacks thinking about how much longer it will be.

Our solution was to do it both ways. Sometimes I know and sometimes I don't. Even when I know it is not definate. However my wife knows I do not feel like cumming until at least 3 weeks have passed and I get too irritable if I go longer than 3 months so that is her informal window for orgasm denial.

I cannot decide if I like either way more than the other. On one hand it is less anxiety producing to have a target date but then I am not eager to have sex as it is just teasing. I go into a sort of no sex zone. On the other hand, not knowing makes me look forward to sex because I may get lucky at any time. That puts me in a I want sex every day zone. So we mix it up. If we have a very special occasion coming up that is usually the date I get to orgasm but even that is not definate. She skipped Valentine's Day for example.

We do not have a D/s relationship so we make it up as we go along.
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